DENVER—It was not a pretty sight in Denver on Sunday for San Francisco 49er fans. The Denver Broncos put a major beating on the 49ers defeating them 42-17.  It was a game where it was apparent the Broncos were in it to win it, and the 49ers, well they just showed up.The Broncos defense put a chokehold on San Francisco keeping them scoreless in the first quarter, while they were able to place 14 points on the leader board. That grip was unleashed a bit in the second quarter as SF was able to add a touchdown and field goal to their column cutting their opponents lead to only 11 at half-time.

So would a locker room chat be just want the 49ers needed to rebound? Nope, the team was held scoreless yet again in the third quarter, while Denver added another 21 points to their lead. Going into the fourth quarter, SF was down 32 points.  With only one quarter remaining fans were probably aware, that a comeback of that magnitude wasn’t likely, but still possible. The defense did step up in the game keeping, the Broncos scoreless for the first time in the entire game, but with just one touchdown it was apparent Sunday just wasn’t the 49ers day.

San Francisco might be down, but they’re not out, as they still remain in second place in the NFC Western Division.  With a record of 4-3 they still have plenty of games to improve on that record this season. This week the team has the weekend off, so perhaps the rest will help them regroup as they do battle against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, November 2.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had plenty to celebrate as he surpassed Green Bay Packers superstar Brett Favre for total number of 510 touchdowns in his career.