NEW YORK CITY—Over the past weekend, New York City saw  an increase in gun violence with a total of 39 shootings resulting in 51 people being shot and six killed.

From Friday, August 14 to Saturday, August 15, there was 43 people injured in 31 shootings, the New York Police Department reported. Within the same time period last year, only four shootings transpired.

As recently as Monday, August 17, four men were shot in the leg in Brooklyn. All of the victims are expected to survive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, homicides in the city has risen 29 percent while arrests have decreased 39 percent.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported an increase in shootings across all five boroughs. Shootings increased 60 percent in The Bronx, 54 percent in Manhattan, 102 percent in Brooklyn, 108 percent in Staten Island, and 75 percent in Queens.

The NYPD released aggregate numbers for the city reporting an 82 percent increase in shootings and a 30.2 percent increase in murders.

In Flatbush, Brooklyn, a 47-year old man was shot in the head twice at around 2 a.m. on August 16. On August 15, at around 8 p.m. a 27-year-old man was shot in the chest while sitting in a parked vehicle in the Bronx.

Security camera footage in Manhattan showed a shooting on a Grand Central Station subway terminal. Tearance Crumpty, 26, was arrested for the shooting is now facing charges for attempted murder.

President Trump responded to the uptick in crime tweeting, “Law and Order. If @NYCMayor can’t do it, we will!” President Trump previously sent federal troops to Portland and Seattle in response to an increase in crime, protests, and violence.

Cuomo addressed the increase in shootings in a press conference on August 17 saying, “You cannot dismiss these numbers… You cannot look at this reality and say it doesn’t exist, because the reality is so clear.”

Cuomo later announced that if police departments did not have police reforms in place by April 2021, funding would be pulled from up to 500 departments.