BEVERLY HILLS—Sage Harbor IRA Investments, Inc., is a commercial real estate investment firm with integrity and a real care for how their clients’ money is used. According to their Web site, Sage Harbor is “focused on providing investors greater safety with higher returns. We seek appreciation opportunities with no debt and income properties with a cautious use of debt.” This strong investment firm is dedicated to providing high quality financial services, in addition to providing their customers with consistent and thoughtful investment opportunities.

According to CEO/President William Jones, “We have three main focuses: safety, quality and cash flow. This allows our customers no debt and provides income.” According to their Web site, safety refers to keeping debt low or incurring no debt at all; quality refers to “national name with strong financials.” Each investment is tailored for the individual investor; investors with Sage Harbor are typically classified as one of three types of investors. Each category (Wealth Building, Wealth/Income and Income) offers a unique approach in order to maximize financial success, tempered with responsible moves and reasoned decisions. Sage Harbor has been in existence, offering thoughtful financial assistance, for over two decades.

With a combined 100 years of experience, Sage Harbor allows customers to see exactly how their money is allocated and what it is being used for, giving clients the true control. “We act as the bank, since banks are hard to work with these days. We can do this regardless of the state of the economy,” said Mr. Jones.

Although they are located in San Diego, they do work almost everywhere. “We have a nursing college in the state of Utah,” said Mr. Jones, in addition to an opportunity in Tucson. “It is going to be an Anchor Restaurant location. It is near a Walmart and movie theater, so it has a lot of potential.” The company works mostly to find funding for the building of schools and medical buildings, allowing these facilities to be built without incurring debt.

According to the business’s Web site, Sage Harbor funds a project called Project One for One. Based on an idea created by Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes, “For every project Sage Harbor funds, we will match by funding a project in a developing country.” This project not only includes schools and medical facilities, but finds out what the community needs most. This generous and heartfelt program is funded solely by Sage Harbor, though the business will accept additional fund from their investors who are interested in being a part of such community development projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sage Harbor IRA Investments, Inc., and what they can do for you, please view their Web site at or call William Jones at 858-245-2111.