HOLLYWOOD—I always attempt to find the good in any movie, but sometimes there are those movies that are so bad, no matter how hard you try there is nothing you can do to see the positive. Very rarely has an animated movie bored me to the death, but you can now include “The Angry Birds Movie 2” to that list. I thought the 2016 adaptation of the popular game to the big screen was fun, but I have no idea, what the hell the writers were thinking with this sequel. Was it made just to be made, or was there actually more to the story that had yet to be told?

We have the return of Red (voice of Jason Sudeikis), who as we all know is ‘angry’ at the world for reasons that don’t really matter in most cases. The first movie had a narrative that one could follow, this sequel seems all over the place and I literally mean that, and not in the best of way America. We have the focus on Bird Island, Piggy Island and Eagle Island. For those not in the know, the first flick was all about the birds and pigs going to war. A truce was eventually made, which is now reignited by a foe from Leonard’s (voice of Bill Hader) past.

That foe being Zeta (voice of Leslie Jones), who is holding a grudge for being burned during a romance gone wrong. After clanking through my bird, it became a realization to me, that Zeta was the big bad and her goal was to destroy not just Piggy Island, but Bird Island as well. The plot seems simple right? No, because within this major plot you have all these subplots that actually contribute nothing to the core narrative. The script is extremely unorganized and all over the place, and I have no clue why?

There are way too many characters in this movie; there was no way I could remember everyone’s name, yet alone who was voicing who and there role in the plot. Yes, I get the idea of the sequel being bigger and better than the original. However, sometimes you can do too much that it’s an obvious sign that you have no idea what you are doing.

We have the return of popular characters including Chuck (voice of Josh Gad), Bomb (voice of Danny McBride), Mighty (voice of Peter Dinklage), but there are so many newbies and old faces who don’t even make any appearances at all. Sean Penn not here, Maya Rudolph not here, Kate McKinnon not here, Keegan Michael Key not here either. Yeah, I felt like some of the funniest characters from the first flick are nowhere to be seen. Why? To introduce a ton of new characters including Silver (voice of Rachel Bloom), Courtney (voice of Awkwafina), Garry Pig (voice of Sterling K. Brown), Jerry Eagle (voice of Pete Davidson) and so many more, who are not iconic in the least bit if you ask me.

I cannot recall the last time I wanted a movie to end because of how bad it was. I rarely and I mean rarely say this, but I think even kids will be bored by “The Angry Birds Movie 2.” That is quite rare for me to utter those words from my mouth, especially in the animated region. However, there is not much to find exciting about this flick at all, save your money, save your time America, you’ll thank me later.