Tag: red

“Angry Birds 2” Is Awful!

HOLLYWOOD—I always attempt to find the good in any movie, but sometimes there are those movies that are so bad, no matter how hard...

BH Goes Red For American Red Cross

BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills is going red for the month in honor of the Red Cross. From March 7 till March 31,...

Fireworks, Festivities, And Food

UNITED STATES—It’s that time of the year again, when we fire up the grill, kick back with a chilled beer, and celebrate our nation’s...

“The Angry Birds Movie” Delivers Plenty Of Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—A few years ago a game grew in its level of popularity on people’s phone, not to mention on countless iPods and iPads. For...

Evolution Of: Loving And Hating Redheads

UNITED STATES—March is the month of the redhead and I'd like to think that if I were born somewhere other than soul-crushing Upstate New...
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