HOLLYWOOD—I really don’t know how to say this, but the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” tends to have the worst storylines when it comes to sweeps, particular November Sweeps. This is the time those major storylines are expected to come to a head. Secrets should be revealed, surprises should be released, and it should be must-see TV for viewers. We are not getting that currently.

The big tale right now is the Abbott war against Tucker McCall. Tucker is still hell-bent on taking Jabot away from Jack, Billy and Ashley Abbott. Speaking of Ashley, she is back in Genoa City and it has led to a bit of strife for Tucker. Ashley is hoping she could still woo Tucker considering the long history they share. However, Tucker doesn’t trust her and rightfully so. The two had a war of words that ended with both of them in tears. If you think the battle against Tucker was enough, the Abbotts are starting to infight, in particular Billy and Kyle. Kyle wants his old position at the family company back; the problem is that position is held by Billy.

Billy and Kyle had a war of words where it became clear to Billy that Kyle is up to something and it’s a good thing Billy is paying attention to what is unfolding. Why? Kyle is planning a coup with Audra and Tucker to take Jabot from his father. Yeah, Audra has totally pulled a number on Kyle who is making all sorts of dumb decisions resorting to his old playboy and spoiled brat boy days.

I’m trying to fathom how Kyle expects Jack and Diane to react when they discover what their son has done. I don’t think Kyle is thinking about the aftermath of this move which will sever any trust his parents ever had in him. The Abbots aren’t the only ones at war, so is the Newman clan. Victoria and Nick discovered that Victor is up to no good when it comes to his health, in particular his mental state. Adam is so concerned about his father’s wellbeing he is looking for doctors to have him evaluated.

Victor suspects that Adam is up to no good thanks to Nate, but I suspect it is Nate and Victoria (who Victor should know) will be the ones who betray him first. It is not Adam, even though Victoria, Nick and Victor think otherwise. Nate moved a bit too fast, and he got fired and Victor was the one to do it, leaving Nate and Victoria reeling! Speaking of Adam, he and Sally reconnected and that steamy couple where fans spotted the chemistry from a million miles away, might be getting back together. It is NOT fully there yet, but I suspect it to get there much sooner than later, America.

Tucker and Mamie’s relationship was exposed thanks to Nate seeing a message on Mamie’s phone from Tucker. Look Tucker, if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a smart one not a dumb one. The fact that Tucker even uttered those words to Devon when confronted about his relationship with Mamie said it all. It literally SAID IT ALL! Devon has never trusted you fully and now this was the nail in the coffin in my opinion. I will admit I am glad that Chelsea is back in GC.

I feel like her presence is going to keep Billy from going off the ledge which it felt he had been doing as of late with everything that is going on with Jabot and Tucker. He needs that listening ear to ensure he’s not losing his mind. With that said, Chelsea is playing referee between Summer and Chloe who have been at odds over the designs for Marchetti.

If that was not enough, the chaos erupted this week with Chance getting shot. Yes, Chance has been injured yet again, in the midst of Sweeps, so expect Sharon and Summer to be in turmoil over this, just as the writers felt the need to highlight Christine’s ‘anniversary’ on the soap. I’m sorry, but Christine hasn’t been a potent character on the soap for years and I mean years, she comes in really small waves and this notion of Christine and Danny possibly getting back together is interesting, but the question is, do I care? The answer is simple: NO!