HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On March 24, several homes in the Hollywood Hills area were damaged after recent rainfall. According to local meteorologists, Sunday’s bouts of rain added to the already saturated ground sending mud and debris down below the hillside on the 9200 block of Flicker Way.

The area near Sierra Mar Place, where comedian Jerry Seinfeld use to live, has also been one of the places most seriously affected by the Spring rains this year.

According to The Landslide Blog, on EOS written by Dave Petley, due to a landslide, four homes in the area have been red-tagged or declared “unsafe for occupation.” Petley explained that aerial video footage showed the rotation of blocks of sandstone and siltstone bedrock has caused large amounts of “weathered material” into the homes below.

According to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, “Rotational slides (slumps) are landslides that occur along a curved or spoon-shaped surface. Back-tilting may occur near the scarp of the landslide and there is often a toe of displaced material. Rotational slides often occur because the internal strength of the material is overcome by its own weight.”

According to World Weather information, Hollywood Hills has a sixty-one percent chance of more rain in the forecast for Saturday, March 30, and Sunday, March 31.