WEST HOLLYWOOD—An art exhibit on Sunset Boulevard was vandalized days after West Hollywood’s Pride parade.

The exhibit featured more than a dozen life-sized photos of Drag-queens that had been burned, gouged, and a few were tagged with graffiti one with the letters “VS.” 

The inspiration for the portraits came from an essay on the second West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval in the late 1980’s. This exhibit has been on the Sunset Strip since May 1 in celebration of Pride. 

The artist’s behind the exhibit chose to remain anonymous for fear of her personal safety. She spoke with ABC7 regarding the incident. “I just think the energy of the country just sucks. It’s like America needs to get it together, I don’t know why people have to be so nasty to each other,” the artist shared. She attended the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval back in the late 80’s and took those photos herself. 

“You know, I just remember that as a really fun time in my life and I wanted to share those images,” she told the news outlet. 

According to video footage obtained by ABC7 the some of portraits had small holes burned into the faces of the portraits. There weren’t any anti-LGBTQIA slogans tagged on the works of art.  

The artist contacted the L.A. County Sheriff but has not filed an official report because she is out of town. It is currently unknown if the vandalism will be investigated as a hate crime.