Asaf Goldstien, Hollywood Superstar In Waiting, Interview

BEVERLY HILLS —Israeli actor Asaf Goldstien has continued his ascension on the Tel Aviv stage and London theater circuit, but is preparing for his climb here in Tinseltown as well. The handsome green-eyed hunk recently sat down to praise the films that have come out of Hollywood during the holiday season. “Avatar” is Goldstien’s most recent favorite and he is also a fan of the HBO series “True Blood.” “There seems to be so many exciting things happening in Hollywood right now. I loved the film ‘Avatar.’ Mr. [James] Cameron is a genius. When I saw the film for the first time I was blown away. Firstly, for the first time in many months the theater was packed. I could not believe the technology that the director incorporated into this film and what a wonderful story,” Asaf tells Canyon News. “I also am a huge fan of the series ‘True Blood’ and thank a dear friend for giving me the first season on DVD as a Hannukah present.”



Goldstien spent much of the holiday season in Haifa while performing on the stage in “Yentl.” The handsome international star tells us, “I play Moishe the Yeshiva boy. He is a friend of Avigdor and actually is the one that teases Yentl when she first arrives in Bihov [a village in Poland]. I enjoy playing this character because he’s the gangster Jewish lad and head of the gang. In the second half of the production I play the part of the Rabbi, the Rabbi of Bihov. Coming from a traditional Hebrew background, for me it’s a great part, because that takes me to my old roots of Judaism,” said Asaf. The handsome star continues, “The role is very close to my heart. I enjoy that very much. He is a bit older then me, so I get to dress him with a different voice and body work. Tommy, I Love it!”

Asaf says that traveling his native land has been very exciting and fun for him. He enjoyed the daily drive from Tel Aviv to Haifa to do the show. “Yentl is a production of The Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv and the Haifa Theater so we get to travel a lot. I love seeing the country-side,” said the star. The Israeli born theater star doesn’t just work all the time. He laughed when I interviewed him in sunny Beverly Hills and reminded me that he often relaxes after his performances. “After work what I usually do is go to the local pub and relax with friends from the business. We tend to laugh a lot. It’s the best way to burn off stress. I always say the you don’t choose to become an actor it chooses you. When people ask me whether I like it, I say that I don’t know any other way of living,” Goldstien said laughing.



Goldstien says, he’s open to possibilities in Hollywood and is keeping his options open. “It’s been a lifelong dream for me since I was a little boy Tommy. To come to America and to work in films, so yes, I am definitely interested,” said Goldstien. Without a doubt the handsome star is surely the perfect leading man for Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman. Asaf’s going to tell us soon how he stays in such great shape. I’m sure the perfectly-fit star does a lot more than hang out at pubs in Tel Aviv or clubs in Hollywood whenever he’s in town.

Photographs Courtesy: Hannah Beilin Photography and Icons PR