SANTA MONICA—On January 25, the Santa Monica Police Department announced that Rashad Devon Harris, 28, had been found guilty on six counts in connection to a break in and assault back in 2018.

On February 23, 2018 at 3:20 a.m., the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a “check the status” call at 1700 block of 5th Street. Local residents of the building called the authorities in response to hearing a female yelling for help.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the female victim, bleeding from lacerations on her hands, arms, and forehead.

The victim spoke to authorities how she was within her apartment alone when an unknown person entered the residence and demanded money.

When the Harris tried pushing the victim into another room, a physical altercation between the suspect and victim occurred.

Harris then armed himself with a knife, slashing the victim several times. The victim continued to fight off the suspect and yell for help. After the suspect fled the residence, the victim was able to call 9-1-1.

Detectives within the Criminal Investigations Division of the SMPD identified Harris as being connected to the attack.

On February 27, 2018, SMPD Detectives arrested Harris for the crime. The case was presented at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office on March 1, 2018. He is being charged with assault with the intent to commit rape, burglary, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, mayhem, and criminal threats.

Harris was being held at the Los Angeles County Jail without bail after the charges were filed. He is currently serving a life sentence in state prison as of January 6, 2021.