WEST HOLLYWOOD—This past weekend, two shootings transpired in West Hollywood that authorities are currently investigating. One of these shootings resulted in a person being killed. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call on Saturday, April 24, when they had their cruiser backed into by driver. 

The driver of the vehicle got out of the car wearing body armor with his right hand positioned behind his back. Body camera footage revealed that the man was given instructions from officers that he refused to comply with. The individual started to count down from three as he pulled his arm from behind his back. Officers shot and killed the man at the scene. The name of the individual has not yet been disclosed to the public. 

Later that night around midnight, deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department responded to another call about a shooting at a Classic Cat on Sunset Boulevard. The road was closed until the early hours on Sunday, April 25. One person on the scene was hospitalized while another individual was arrested.

The names of the victim and suspect in that shooting have not been disclosed to the public.