HOLLYWOOD—I don’t care what anyone says, but the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” consistently delivers when it comes to November Sweeps. They are not afraid to kill off key characters and deliver surprises that viewers never expect or see coming from a million miles away.

We had two couples get married, EJ and Nicole and Eric and Sloan, we had a death, a car crash and a baby swap all in a span of a week and a half and things are just getting started. Nicole decided to walk down the aisle with EJ after realizing their ‘baby’ is bringing them much closer. A conversation with Marlena caused Eric to realize he doesn’t want to wait on love either. So after EJ and Nicole tied the knot, Eric popped the question to Sloan who happily agreed.

Oh, but that was just the beginning of the chaos as a series of events all intertwined themselves. Gabi and Stefan announced they had gotten hold of Li’s shares giving them control of the family company. They then ousted EJ, who was furious. However, the bigger tale is Li Shin. You may say why? Well, Li was livid that Stefan and Gabi outwitted him and got a confession on tape about his role in Stefan’s attempted murder. Li was sort of spiraling and his sister Wendy spotted it as well. Li vowed revenge and he may have gotten it when he least expected.

Why? Someone stabbed Li in the back with a knife; Gabi stumbled upon his bloody body, just as Stefan witnessed his wife standing over Li. They both realized they had been framed and it led to an immediate whodunit. Yes, Stefan and Gabi realized they were framed, but Wendy and Tripp stumbled upon the scene and before you know it, it was too late. Gabi was carted off to jail by Harris, and Rafe realized his little sister might be headed back to prison for a crime this time she actually didn’t commit. With EJ as the new Salem District Attorney after being appointed by Paulina Price, he was ready to sock it to his foe.

The evidence is not looking good for Gabi as she was carted off to prison. What’s the problem here? We all know that Gabi didn’t murder Li, so the question becomes who did? At the top of my list are EJ, Dr. Rolf and Li himself. EJ is a vengeful one, but I still don’t think he would murder his brother’s wife, seems a bit drastic. Dr. Rolf, that comment he made to Li about protecting the DiMera family made me suspect he might do such a thing at Megan’s request or someone else. If Dr. Rolf didn’t do the deed himself, he conspired with Li to fake his murder and made it seem like it actually transpired.

This just ramped up to the big issue of the hour: Dimitri, Leo and Nicole. Dimitri and Leo were rushing out of town to escape with Megan at the bequest of Rolf and they injured Jada, who happens to be a cop, in the process. Yeah, Dimitri and Leo you’re already fugitives and now you assault a cop and think you’re going to get away with it? Nope. While on the run, they collided with Nicole’s vehicle and Nicole went into labor early. Leo stood by Nicole’s side as he helped deliver a baby boy.

All should be fine, right? It should, but we’re talking about Dimitri, who took Nicole’s baby and passed it off to Sloan. Sloan and Melinda have their fingerprints all over this mess and this is the nail in Sloan’s coffin. You’re passing off someone else’s baby as yours knowing that it is not yours. If this plotline seems familiar it is because it was something that was done nearly two years ago on “The Bold and the Beautiful” involving Hope, Liam, Flo and Thomas. Remember Flo passed off Hope’s baby as hers and then sold it to Steffy who was looking to adopt, knowing the entire time the child belonged to her cousin.

Yeah, the originality element is totally lacking here, but the chaos that is about to erupt will be major. Nicole is about to grieve a child that she thinks is dead but is very much alive and being raised by the man she truly loves. EJ is mourning a child that he thinks is his, but it’s not, and Eric is raising a child that belongs to him without actually knowing it’s HIS!

There is plenty of juicy drama here to play with. Not to mention, it has to culminate I suspect with the big reveal around February Sweeps. If it occurs earlier it would be a stunner for me. Ava is under Clyde’s thumb with his muscle in Gil, who is ensuring Ava utilizes the restaurant to run the drug organization, even though Harris who is a new Salem cop has no idea.

Chad is showing his DiMera side more and more, now that Everett, Stephanie’s ex is in town and planning to stay as a reporter for The Spectator. The problem is Chad is just jealous and he needs to say that because his moves are surely pushing Stephanie further and further away from him. However, the DiMera family battle is about to explode as it looks like EJ and Stefan are truly about to go to war over the latest turn of events.

Not to mention Xander and Sarah are becoming more amicable, just as Konstantin and Theresa are getting sloppy with their lies. John and Steve are starting to suspect Konstantin, while Theresa is really eyeing Brady, but playing it up with Alex. What’s the problem here? Theresa is simply telling on herself with her conversations with Xander. Why do you keep bringing up Xander as being Victor’s illegitimate son, when you don’t have to? You obviously want the truth to come out because if you didn’t you wouldn’t spill the tea, and suspicions are beginning to arise more and more America.