HOLLYWOOD—I really cannot believe how bad the writers are on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” I mean if you have a big secret reveal and the person who has kept that secret is not held to the fire for their actions, it defeats the purpose. This is precisely what is unfolding right now for Nina Reeves. The writers are intentionally making Carly and Drew appear as victims, when they committed an actual crime with insider trading. Nina just happened to report it to the proper authorities.

Carly lost the Metro Court and tons of money as a result in her role, and Drew was carted off to prison where he got beat up. Michael has discovered that Nina is the culprit and is currently blackmailing her as a result. She can’t see her grandkids and Michael is determining when Nina can see Willow and it is just a mess. Making matters worse is two more people can be added to the list of those who know Nina’s secret, Ned and Olivia.

Ned took a tumble in the water and nearly drowned. Olivia came to his rescue and as a result Ned will not only survive, but he regained his memory. He immediately wanted to spill what he remembered about Nina to the world, but Olivia wanted him to hold off. Not sure if this is personal (it likely is) or if it’s strategy (doesn’t make actual sense). So that is even more leverage working against Nina because the façade that no one knows isn’t going to work when actually people know. It is even worse when you have NO IDEA they know your secret.

Brook Lynn is ecstatic that her father is back, so is Lois, so that notion of a Lois, Ned and Olivia love triangle, you can toss that out. It does leave one wondering what the writers are planning to do with Lois’s character. Will she get a love interest in the coming weeks? We shall see. Let’s return to Nina because she’s important here. Charlotte was shot by Anna after she broke into Anna’s apartment on Halloween. Anna was an emotional mess in the aftermath, but I think the damage is already done. Her relationship with Valentin is on thin ice.

Anna discovered that Charlotte was the person torturing her and Valentin kept it from her. In reality, Valentin trying to protect his daughter led to his daughter almost being killed. So the trust between Valentin and Anna is diminishing by the minute, but you know who is rebuilding their bond, Nina and Valentin. I’ve always loved these two together and the fact that the writers separated them for Anna and Sonny I never understood.

If my suspicion holds true, I am almost certain once Nina is exposed, her bond with Valentin will strengthen and they will become stronger than ever, and Charlotte will get her wish of Anna being out the picture. Interesting dynamic shifts that I am eager to see unfold more and more. I really want the Nina secret to just come out so we can move on to bigger secrets. Like the one involving Michael and Dex. My gut tells me Nina is going to discover that Michael hired Dex as a plant to take down Sonny and whether she exposes the secret or someone else does, that secret is going to come out.

Sonny might be upset at Nina for the SEC leak, but when he learns his own flesh and blood (well not actually) tried to take him down and Josslyn and Carly knew, oh, blood is going to be spilled. Trina and Spencer are drifting as well, and it seems Ace and Esme are the reason why. Trina wants Spencer to realize that Ace is not his son and not his responsibility, but Trina fails to see that Ace’s father is MIA.

Spencer is the paternal figure in Ace’s life that is needed, whether she understands it or not. Is Joss drifting from Dex in her desire to help another student? I hope not because it would prove that Joss is unable to commit when it comes to a relationship when someone else catches her eye. Austin is being pushed into a corner by Cyrus and it looks like he is about to crack. What he exposes will determine what happens next. I feel like Austin’s time on “GH” could be slowly, but surely ticking away people.