HOLLYWOOD—Is he or isn’t he? That is the question that fans of CBS soap “The Young and The Restless” are eager to get the answer to. With the ranch catching ablaze yet again, one cannot help, but wonder if J.T. himself committed the deed or if it’s someone else. Audiences were teased with the prospect of J.T. being alive, but that culprit turned out to be Tessa, doing what she does best, conning people out of money.

Well Tessa got a taste of her own medicine recently when she was kidnapped by Nikki, Victoria and Sharon. The ladies suspected the blackmailer was up to her old tricks again, but it ain’t Tessa this time people.  Even Sharon was appalled with her co-conspirators decision to leave Tessa in the woods alone and freezing. Well, if there is one good thing that came out of this mess, it’s the fact that Mariah and Tessa are stronger than ever, not to mention, Tessa is not likely to utilize blackmail in her arsenal ever again.

However, whoever the new torturer of our fearsome four is, they are out for blood. This isn’t a game and they want to assure Nikki (the person who ‘killed’ J.T.) feels the heat and in a major way. Not only is Victor now being considered a prime suspect in J.T.’s murder, but the evidence of that night is beginning to surface. Now, I never considered this as an option until, now, but it makes perfect sense if you think about it.

Reed, who has suddenly returned to Genoa City, could be the person taunting the ladies hoping to get answers about his father’s whereabouts. Does it seem far-fetched? Without a doubt, but it is indeed a theory, but let’s be honest we all know its J.T. playing with Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis and Sharon, it’s just a question now, of WHEN the big reveal will actually come to light. Wait for it because you won’t see it if the writers play their cards as we expect until February sweeps.

That leaves us to other business, one that is becoming interesting to say the least involving Devon’s health. He has been grieving for Hilary and he’s been acting out, but it looks like he’s grappling with anxiety attacks. He’s hiding it from Nate, Cane, Lily, Charlie, Maddie and Neil, but it is apparent Ana knows what is going on with her brother. He’s seeing a therapist, but his mental health is starting to take a major toll on his body, and not in the best way America.

Some might be thinking I should chat about the Jabot drama, but is it really worth it at this point? I mean the Jack and Kerry potential romance is a bore, the Billy and Phyllis dance has become mute, Nick and Phyllis are not that interesting, but I guess the one glimmer hope is the romance between Sharon and Rey. Both are fighting temptation in a major way, but they can only resist for so long America. Mia continues to push Sharon’s buttons, but little does she know that is only pushing him closer and closer to Sharon.

A familiar face has returned to town in Fenmore Baldwin, who seems to be back home hoping to shake things up in a major way. How so? Specifically, a career change and notably becoming a thorn in Lola and Kyle’s relationship. There is nothing like a third wheel to spice up a love triangle, and Fenmore might give Kyle a run for his money. Audiences’ will have to wait and see just how things transpire in the coming weeks, as it seems the front and center story is still revolving around J.T. and I’m already over it!