BEVERLY HILLS—On Wednesday, January 25, more than 49 volunteers took part in the annual Beverly Hills Homeless Count, as part of the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority’s nationwide effort to address the homelessness issue in Greater Los Angeles.

“The community volunteers, in partnership with the Beverly Hills Ambassador Team, Beverly Hills Police Department Bike Patrol Unit, and the City’s Changing Lives and Sharing Places (CLASP) homeless outreach team, counted 22 homeless individuals, one camper, one car and three make-shift shelters in Beverly Hills,” the city of Beverly Hills reported in a press release.

The 49 volunteers were joined by eight Ambassadors, four Human Services members, and 10 Beverly Hills Police Bike officers, for a total of 71 individuals who were checking parking garages throughout the city, the Beverly Gardens Park and the business triangle. Most of the homeless individuals in the region were found near bus routes and they were found either walking around or sleeping.

The number of homeless individuals has increased since last year’s count of 14 individuals. Prior to this year, Beverly Hills has noticed a decrease in homelessness since the beginning of the Homeless Count mission in 2009, in which 42 individuals were counted. Before the count turned into an annual event in 2015, it took place every 2 years.

The partners of the count event, including the Beverly Hills Ambassador Team and the City’s Human Services Division, have been providing services, such as housing and medical benefits, to help the homeless.

“Currently most known homeless individuals who have been in the City for many years, are now housed, and/or getting the assistance they need and deserve,” said James Latta, Human Services Administrator. “A collaborative effort between Human Services, Beverly Hills Fire Department and Beverly Hills Police Department, have enabled us to serve our homeless residents appropriately and efficiently.”

The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count is a three-day mission to count homeless individuals across Los Angeles every January.

“The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count enables us to gather important data that is key for us to bring about an end to homelessness in Los Angeles,” the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count stated on their website . “Through the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, we will inform the state of homelessness in LA, bring vital community resources, and increase engagement bringing together leaders, residents, and stakeholders.”

To be part of the mission by supporting the City’s Community Partners that provide social services for Beverly Hills homeless community contact Jim Latta of the Human Services Division at (310) 285-2535 or