UNITED STATES−On Friday, April 30, Deputy Pentagon Spokesman, Jamal Brown, announced in a press release that all construction on the border wall between the United States and Mexico will be canceled stating:

“Consistent with the President’s proclamation, the Department of Defense is proceeding with canceling all border barrier construction projects paid for with funds originally intended for other military missions and functions such as schools for military children, overseas military construction projects in partner nations, and the National Guard and Reserve equipment account.”

“DOD has begun taking all necessary actions to cancel border barrier projects and to coordinate with interagency partners. Today’s action reflects this Administration’s continued commitment to defending our nation and supporting our service members and their families.”

The halt comes two months after President Joe Biden’s February 11 announcement of the termination of the national emergency first declared in Proclamation 9844 of February 15, 2019 (Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Southern Border of the United States).

“I have determined that the declaration of a national emergency at our southern border was unwarranted. I have also announced that it shall be the policy of my Administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall, and that I am directing a careful review of all resources appropriated or redirected to that end,” Biden stated.

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been under scrutiny about the flood of migrants coming through the U.S. border through Mexico.

The open border platform of the Biden-Harris ticket was referenced as an invitation to migrants who have flocked to the U.S. border, mainly from Mexico, Honduras, and Central America.

@GOPChairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted, “Officials say 1,000 immigrants per day are escaping into the U.S. during Biden’s border crisis. Yet Biden continues to block the border wall.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the Biden administration over what he calls a “reckless policy.” Paxton made the following statement:

“President Biden’s outright disregard of the public health crisis in Texas by welcoming and encouraging mass gatherings of illegal aliens is hypocritical and dangerous. This reckless policy change stifles the reopening of the Texas economy at a time when businesses need it the most and when our children need to get back to in-person learning as soon as possible. Law and order must be immediately upheld and enforced to ensure the safety of our communities and the reopening of the strongest economy of the country.