Tag: U.S. Customs And Border Protection

Kamala Harris Visits Border Facility In El Paso

UNITED STATES—On Friday, June 25, Vice President Kamala Harris made her first official trip to the U.S. border near Mexico where she traveled with...

U.S. Immigration And Customs Report Migrant Increase At Border

UNITED STATES−The U.S. Immigration and Customs reported an large influx of migrants at the U.S. border with Mexico. Immigration policies put into place by...

Biden Cancels Border Wall Funding And Construction

UNITED STATES−On Friday, April 30, Deputy Pentagon Spokesman, Jamal Brown, announced in a press release that all construction on the border wall between the...

Migrants Crossing US Border Test Positive For COVID

UNITED STATES—On March 3, reports from Texas Border Patrol agents in the Brownsville, Texas confirmed well over 100 positive cases of COVID in immigrants...

U.S. Customs Seizes Imported Counterfeit Covid Kits

BALTIMORE - Officers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 10,000 unapproved KN-95 respirator masks from Philadelphia on Thursday, June 4. In addition to these...

DHS Imposes Bans On Global Entry For New Yorkers

UNITED STATES−The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will no longer permit New York residents to enroll in global entry and trusted traveler express lines...
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