WASHINGTON DC—On Wednesday, March 20, Hunter Biden’s ex-business pattern, Tony Bobulinski, testified as a key witness before the House Oversight Committee. As a former colleague of then Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden,  Bobulinski was present for most of the corruption that the Biden family has been accused of.

Photo by Jon Tyson

During his testimony, Bobulinski exposed the lies that were told under oath by President Joe Biden, his son, Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden.

Bobulinski explains that he is the only former business partner with, “An impeccable military record.” Before his thriving business career, Bobulinski served in the U.S. Navy’s Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, a decorated Master Training Specialist, and later served as the Command’s Chief Technology Officer who held a Q security clearance granted by the Department of Energy and from the National Security Agency.

After giving his credentials, Bobulinski, as a key witness made the following statements.

“Though the truth involving the deep corruption of the Biden family – including the malfeasance of the sitting President of the United States – might be raw and unpleasant, the American people must hear it, can handle it, and have the right to process it as they choose. 

Hunter lied to the Committee about important details concerning his money demands and threats to CEFC on July 30 and July 31, 2017. He leveraged his father’s presence next to him in that infamous text in order to strong-arm CEFC into paying Hunter immediately and in the process defrauded the partners of Sinohawk Holdings LLC and Oneida Holdings LLC. The threat worked, as a few days later the Chinese wired $5 million dollars into a company of which Hunter owned 50%.

It’s important to remember that CEFC considered this money an interest-free loan to the ‘Biden family’ and planned to send more. I have the email from CEFC to prove it.

Jim Biden also lied extensively throughout his transcribed interview before the Oversight Committee on February 21, and ironically, Hunter Biden, in his own testimony as outlined above, confirmed that Jim Biden perjured himself.

“Jim has been selling ‘plausible deniability’ for so many years he can’t tell the truth from the lies. On Page 100 of his transcript, Jim is asked, ‘Do you recall having a meeting with Hunter Biden and Tony Bobulinski and Joe Biden?’ Jim’s response, ‘Absolutely not’.

The Committee was so shocked by his perjury that they asked him the same question multiple times. Each time he denied meeting with me.”

After they tried to ask the question again in a slightly different way, “It’s your testimony here today that meeting never took place?” Jim responds, ‘Yes sir, that I was present for’.

The Committee tried again, ‘Do you recall whether you were at the bar with Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski and Joe Biden?” Jim responds: ‘That I know did not happen’. Jim adds further, ‘But my brother was never there’. On Page 134, delusional Jim Biden reiterates his untruthful answer again after the Committee showed him messages confirming I met with Joe Biden, Jim Biden states, ‘Joe Biden never met with Tony Bobulinski’. That is just a flat-out lie.”

Bobulinski’s testimony continued with more dates and times indicating that the Biden’s lied under oath to the point that Jim Biden could not keep track of the answers he’d previously given.

The full text of the documentation may be found here, Bobulinski-Written-Statement for the people to decipher the truth.