UNITED STATES—According to reports, in May 2023, findings of separate investigations named investor, philanthropist, and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates at the heart of a blackmail scheme between him and Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was arrested in 2019 and charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking.  He was denied bail and died in prison on August 10, 2019 after committing suicide. 

On May 30, The Daily Beast reported that they obtained emails between Epstein and Gates exposing Epstein’s attempt to start a business venture with Gates. 

Gates was married to Melinda Gates at the time of the meeting, that was also attended by  former U.S. Secretary Larry Summers, his wife, Norwegian diplomat Terje Red-Larsen, and the former Norwegian Prime Minister, Thorbjern Jagland.  The business could be likened to an exclusive club with a $100 million membership buy-in.

Epstein’s desired club never came to fruition.  Social media commentator, Matt Wallace circulated some video he obtained and showed on his YouTube channel, “Final Stand” linking Gates to Epstein aka, “JE” for “Evil Jeffrey” in the alleged blackmail scheme.

In Wallace’s report, he alleges that Gates had a relationship or some sort of affair with the Russian born bridge player and software engineer, Mila Antonova who was the founder of a bridge club frequented by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

In the video, Antonova references Gates’ large monetary donations to a non-profit organization she was affiliated with.

As a bridge player, Antonova admits, “I did not beat him [Gates] at bridge, but I did try to kick him in the leg.”  There are multiple photographs on social media of Gates and Antonova together.

Reports indicate that Gates visited Little Saint James Island, owned by Epstein, as many as 37 times. 

Epstein reportedly reminded Gates in a threatening e-mail he knew of the illicit affair between him and Antonova and was willing to expose all if Gates should choose not to buy into his club, which he intended to run as a non-profit that was referred to as a “charity.”  

It is not clear if the threatening emails were uncovered in the investigation by Wallace or the investigation by The Daily Beast, or other news outlets investigating crimes of Bill Gates.

The Journal first reported a money dispute between Epstein and Gates stemmed from the software coding school Antonova attended and was initially paid for by Epstein.

“With Bill Gates, the crimes are undeniably lengthy. He has done so many things that are not only illegal but have massively hurt other people and has gotten away with it solely because of his status,” said Wallace on his website.