HOLLYWOOD—I think I can say it was a moment “Days of Our Lives” fans have wanted for nearly a decade: the return of Peter Reckell as Bo Brady and Kristin Alfonso as Hope Brady. Hope left the soap a few years back, but recently returned to the NBC/Peacock spinoff, “Beyond Salem.” Let’s just say, “Beyond Salem” ain’t “DOOL.” Well the wait was finally over, Bo and Hope came face-to-face at Victor’s childhood home and Hope couldn’t believe her eyes.

The one true love of her life, Bo, was standing in front of her face-to-face she could not believe her eyes. She was in disbelief, the man who gave her love unlike any other was alive. Bo was not Bo though as he pulled a gun on his wife, and she was forced to disarm herself. He led her towards a cliff planning to end her life, but she did all in her power to breakthrough to her husband. She forced him to recall their iconic love story and you know Bo Brady is back to himself, when he calls Hope, ‘Fancy Face.’

However, their Shawn had no idea what was taking place as he saw his father holding a gun at his mother and he fired a shot. Whoa, that was a moment I did not expect to witness. Did Hope and Bo just reunite for him to be taken from her again as a result of Shawn fatally shooting him? That was the angle the writers played with and I actually thought it had unfolded, until it was revealed Bo, did go into surgery despite being pronounced dead. If the “DOOL” writers pulled that trick it would have been outrage for the fans people, just pure outrage.

So Bo looks like he is going to pull threw, but the regret that Shawn is going to face for almost killing his father with a bullet is going to haunt him for years and years to come people. With that said, Steve, Kayla, Chad and Stephanie have all reunited and all is good except for Kate Roberts. Now, the viewer has always known that Kate was not dead and we got confirmation last week as she appears to be somewhere where she is handling fish people.

Roman is on the trail of finding his true love, but missed one another, by a mere fluke that I hope soon changes in the very near future people. Bo never shot his brother’s wife, he had an epiphany that allowed her to escape and for Megan and Dr. Rolf to assume she was dead. That is a reunion that is sure to bring tears of joy to Chad who has a very close relationship with Kate.

Back in Salem, we already knew Talia drugged the biscuits, but we now know why: her BF Collin, who just happens to be Sloan’s brother. Looks like Talia is willing to do anything for love, even if the relationship appears verbally abusive and potentially physically abusive people. Collin is plotting to exact revenge on Paulina and Chanel for their role in the death of his mother, and he’s framing his sister for it. Hmm, I wonder how Sloan would feel about that considering everyone thinks she has been up to all these antics.

In addition, Talia is just not that smart. She has a degree in medicine and wants to be a baker. Not to mention, she is lying to her sister who is a detective who is investigating the drugging of the biscuits. Does she think there will not be any consequences for her actions people? She is playing Chanel like a fiddle and that is not good, considering Johnny is wooing Wendy, who is already connected to Tripp. I’ll just put it out there, Wendy and Tripp will become an item, while Johnny and Chanel will reignite their romance.

One romance that is over is Li and Gabi, after he voided their contract, allowing Gabi to reunite with her one true love, much to EJ’s dismay. As a result, EJ overheard Nicole having a conversation, where it was revealed she is keeping a big secret from him. What is that secret? Um she slept with Eric while drugged on those biscuits. Well, Nicole if you just broke the truth to EJ he would understand the situation was a bit out of your control, but your lying is the problem. Why?

Eric and Nicole have a romance that is unbreakable. They drift apart, but they always reunite people, and there is rumor that a pregnancy is headed to “DOOL” and Nicole looks like she could be the perfect candidate people. What is the problem? The child could be EJ or Eric and if I’m the writer’s I think the plan to is reunite Nicole and Eric by announcing they are having a baby together, and that will infuriate EJ in the process. Oh, this is about to be so good “DOOL.”