SANTA MONICA―The bomb squad was called to Santa Monica Thursday morning to investigate a suspicious package in the 1500 block of Ocean Ave.

The Santa Monica Police Department responded to the scene and quickly began closing down nearby streets and evacuating buildings and businesses in the area. Portions of Ocean Ave and adjoining streets were closed and remained closed for the majority of the morning.

The bomb squad was called into the situation shortly after the Santa Monica Police arrived. They found no evidence of bombs or explosives and cleared the scene shortly after 12 p.m.

Not long after receiving the all clear from the bomb squad, the Santa Monica Police reopened the adjoining streets and ended the evacuation orders.

There were no injuries reported as a result of the incident.

The incident came on the same day as two other bomb threats. In Florida, Daytona State College Campus experienced evacuations as a result of a bomb threat while another bomb threat was reported in DeKalb County Georgia. Also on Thursday was a shooting in Tennessee that lead to the death of four Marines as well as the shooter.