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“Survivor 46” Recap: ‘Cancel Christmas’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Survivor” was a hoot. The season had been losing some serious steam, but that blindside at Siga totally changed the...

“Survivor 46” Recap: ‘Tiki Man’

HOLLYWOOD—This is episode five and after two dismal episodes, season 46 of “Survivor” truly has to pick up the steam to maintain my interest....

“Survivor 46” Recap: ‘Don’t Touch The Oven’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Survivor” was a bit of a bummer for me. So I was eager for this week’s episode, ‘Don’t Touch The...

“Pokémon: Detective Pikachu” Is Subpar

HOLLYWOOD—There are those films made to appeal to all, and then you have those flicks that tend to have a specific audience they attempt...

“The Boss Baby” Delivers The Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot recall the last time I laughed out loud inside the movie theater courtesy of a flick about the joys and the sorrows...
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