HOLLYWOOD─She was considered one of the wickedest villainesses on daytime TV. Any guesses as to who I’m referring to? I’m talking about Dr. Britt Westbrook of “General Hospital.” She has been off the canvas lately, but blew back into Port Charles dragging chaos along the way. Britt was back to help her pal Brad who has made a mess of his life with the Wiley bomb finally coming to light. Britt wanted Brad to fight for his freedom, but Brad decided to plead guilty in light of the charges after being threatened by Sonny Corinthos of all people.

So while that interaction was short-lived, she immediately high-tailed it to Julian’s restaurant where the two shared a bit about Brad’s predicament. Britt later alluded to knowing Julian helped Brad cover up the truth about Wiley, that only led to the two getting down and dirty in a matter of minutes after meeting one another. I never saw that coming America.

Britt later paid dear ole mom, or as we know her Liesel Obrecht a visit. Liesel begged her daughter to help her as she’s being framed. Now here is what bugs me more than anything. Nina, Franco, Britt all people extremely close to Liesl really believes she was responsible for killing Drew, bartering the attacks on Franco and Dr. Andre Maddox and killed the person who tried to kill Andre. Are these people just plain dumb or is Peter that good? I’m going to say these people are dumb.

The one thing no one wants to see except for Jason, Sam and Spinelli is that Liesel has NO MOTIVE for doing any of this! Why can’t people open their eyes? Peter really thinks he’s covered all his tracks. Anna is no longer questioning her doubts about Peter, now that Finn and Violet have moved back in and she threw Liesl in the slammer for Peter’s crimes. Oh, Anna you are in for a world of heartache when the truth comes out. Even Robert still thinks Peter is responsible for the crimes, and Jason stuck it hook, line and sinker to Anna about her evil offspring.

I’m going to give you a prediction for the future: Peter will propose to Maxie, they will be prepared to walk down, Spinelli, Sam and Jason will get the goods on Peter, all will be exposed before the marriage can culminate, utter hell will explode. Mark my words that’s going to happen and I cannot wait, I mean I cannot wait to see Peter’s world come crashing down. He’s tarnished a ton of lives to cover up his misdeeds and his comeuppance will be well worth the wait people.

From one villain to the next, we have to chat about Nelle Benson. She managed to escape charges for lying about Wiley being stolen by Brad causing everyone in PC to hate her guts. Willow, Sasha, Carly, Michael, Chase, Sonny, Diane, that’s just the short-list of people who want to see Nelle get her comeuppance. Diane had a strategy to help Michael strengthen his case: get married. He proposed to Sasha, but Diane said not so fast.

Sasha has a criminal past, which while not as bad as Nelle, could still hurt Michael. So I predict a fake ‘marriage’ with Willow will come into play that is going to blow Nelle’s world apart. Why? Sasha and Chase will feel betrayed and Michael and Willow will bond more because of their predicament. Michael, Ned, Brooke Lynn and the rest of the Quartermaine clan should be on the lookout as Valentin who is working behind the scenes to take over ELQ. I mean why nobody asked why Valentin was in the courtroom during Nelle’s hearing. Um, Valentin has no ties people, so that should have been easy to spot, but no one caught it.

With that said, we finally met Trina’s mother, Dr. Portia Robinson (Brooke Kerr), who has a past with Curtis! Now is that a coincidence people? Of course not, I feel like a big bomb is about to be dropped on Curtis and Trina, and I feel like the man that Trina thought was her father ain’t so, and it’s the guy who she is blaming for the death of Marcus Taggert. This should be interesting people. With that said, Jordan is spiraling as Cyrus provided proof that he has TJ in his possession and it doesn’t look good. Jordan has managed to keep the secret, but Stella and Curtis sense something is off.

Another twist in this development is that Harmony is connected to Cyrus people. So just when Willow thought she could trust her mom, it looks like this secret is going to cause more rifts within the family. Jordan knows Harmony is Cyrus puppet and might have the goods on TJ’s whereabouts which she is desperate to discover. It looks like the reformed Harmony is not so and I fear her end is not going to be well people.