HOLLYWOOD HILLS—According to the Monjack family’s spokesperson Roger Neal, Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, was suffering from a serious heart illness and was reportedly scheduled for bypass surgery this September before his untimely death.

Neal has also stated that he and Monjack were in the works of implementing and expanding the Brittany Murphy Foundation before he passed; a foundation designed “to honor Brittany’s wishes and to give her family, friends and fans a way to keep her legacy alive,” as described on the foundation’s website.

The primal cause of 39-year-old Monjack’s death is said to be linked to natural causes and reportedly, there were “no signs of trauma or suicide,” although prescription drugs were discovered in the couple’s home. The coroner has not released what type of drugs were found; however, reports have stated that none of the conceived drugs were illegal. Only medical prescriptions were contained at the scene.

Neal also described Monjack as “a guy full of life,” in a public statement.

Almost five months ago on December 20, 2009,  Brittany Murphy, actress of the 1995 film “Clueless,” died at the age of 32 of pneumonia complications, iron deficiency and “multiple drug intoxication,” according to coroner reports. The couple got married back in 2007.

According to movie database IMDb, Monjack was the screenwriter and executive producer for the 2006 film “Factory Girl,” and the producer, co-writer and director for the 2001 film “Two Days, Nine Lives.”

Despite Monjack’s heart complications, it is still uncertain as to what caused the sudden death of the credited film writer and producer. Monjack’s death will remain unknown until toxicology tests are concluded. The fallen screenwriter’s autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, May 25, and further developments will remain under investigation by the LAPD and coroner’s office.