UNITED STATES—If you’ve been on Instagram, then you know how easy it seems to rise to fame and have a popular account with tons of likes, followers, views, and interactions. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Many people start Instagram with no idea of how much work goes into curating your page. For musicians, getting exposure on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can make the difference between fame and obscurity. To help up and coming artists figure out how getting popular on Instagram works, let’s go into some of the ways you can have a page that boosts your engagement and grows fast.

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The first few hundred followers can seem to take forever to generate. It takes a lot of time, work, and patience in order to build a following on Instagram when you’re starting from scratch. The less followers you have, the less likes you get. The less likes you get, the less visible your content is. It’s like a black hole that many users can find themselves stuck in. Instead of getting discouraged, try Buzzoid.

What Is Buzzoid.com? Are They Legit?

Buzzoid is a service that allows users to buy Instagram likes, followers, and video views. They have been around since the launch of Instagram and have developed into a trusted and reliable company over the years. With Buzzoid, you can get a head start and see hundreds or thousands of followers, likes, or views on your posts just a few minutes after placing your order. The packages are affordable and likes can be split between posts and even scheduled so that you have supreme control over your Instagram. Buzzoid operates in many different locales.

The service has different packages available that allow users to buy likes as well as followers. For views, the packages vary but the affordability stays exactly the same.

Buzzoid – Instagram Followers/Likes/Views Packages & Prices

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Views for video content are also available. Prices vary, with packages starting at just $1.99.

  • 500 Views – $1.99
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Buzzoid Review Verdict: A Must Use Instagram Growth Service!

To get started with Buzzoid and see your numbers rise, all you need to provide is your username. There’s no need to give them any other information – just select your package, enter your payment method, and provide your username to see an instant increase in views, likes, or followers.

Getting Your Band in the Popularity Race

Getting started on Instagram can seem a bit intimidating with all the users battling for attention and visibility. However, you could easily get started by using some tricks that musicians on the app have used and tweaked in order to craft the perfect plan to make your music go viral and increase followers fast.

Make sure your profile is public. While this may seem like common sense, you’d be surprised at how many individuals build their following while having a private profile. This can be very slow-going, but consistency can yield results if your audience is engaged enough. If you’re just starting out, having a private profile can limit your exposure greatly. Instead, go public and make sure that everyone can see your content and get to know who you are. Musicians do this all the time to connect with their fans and solidify their presence on social media.

Follow plenty of users that are part of your target audience. If you’re in a band or any kind of music group, the best thing you can do to let others know who you are is follow lots of users. Following users increases their curiosity and can lead to gaining engaged users that interact with your posts and love the content you create. Be sure to post high quality content, including videos, so that anyone new to your page can hear your sound and get a full picture of your group. Follow users that are in your target audience to promote yourself to individuals that are interested in the type of content you put out there.

Interact with popular accounts and users on Instagram. Interacting is one of the most important things you can do on Instagram. Not only do interactions on your posts have a large influence on the Instagram algorithm, they can also increase your exposure. Comment and like the posts of popular bands and other users that have the same target audience or that are in the same genre as you. By doing so, you expose yourself to users that are much more likely to visit your profile and follow your account.

Focus on the quality of your content. You could post often yet fail to see growth in your followers or likes. This is experienced by plenty of users who wonder why they haven’t gotten new likes or engagement in a while. The quality of your content is highly important, as users are much more likely to interact with content that looks good and catches the eye. If you’re posting throughout the day but don’t get many likes, it could be due to the quality of your posts. Take a look at Instagram analytics and see where you can improve and what posts get more engagement than others.

Proven Tips for Up and Coming Bands & Musicians

It can be hard starting off and nobody knows the name of your band or has heard your sound. However, that can all change by using Instagram to grow your audience and reach people that love and appreciate your music. Over the years, musicians have learned how to use the app to their advantage, so let’s explore some of the ways they have used social media to target and grow their audience.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags may seem like small words with a symbol in front of them at first, but you’ll be shocked to learn how much power hashtags have on how many people see your music and know who you and your band are. Hashtags can be used to let others know who you are and connect you with users that enjoy content that is similar to yours.

Hashtags are also part of Instagram’s search feature, meaning you could be found by users simply because you put a hashtag on a photo. Hashtags are timeless as well, meaning even older posts could be found by users searching for specific hashtags.

Tell a Story

Your Instagram should be designed to give users a complete look at who you are and what you offer. Potential followers should be able to look at your account and see exactly what they’ll be getting if they follow you. This should be true across your stories, video content, and photo content.

Make sure that your bio lets users know who you are, the music they can expect, and how to contact you. By telling a story instead of posting random content, you can curate your theme and aesthetic to make your profile more visually pleasing and make it come together beautifully.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is a great way to keep your music in the eyes of Instagram users. Posting consistently lets users know to look for your content each day and encourages visiting your profile. Try to post at peak times for engagement, which can vary based on the day of the week as well as the time of day.

Posting at busy times makes it easier to reach more users and increase the amount of likes and followers you see per each post. You should also post to your story often and try to go live regularly in order to keep your story at the front of the list.

Gain Local Exposure

If you’re in the business of making music, then your first line of support is always the audience in your hometown. If you’re just starting out, keep your posts updated with geotags showing your location. Geotagging makes it easy to connect with users near you and expose your account to anyone in the area. As you travel, you can geotag pictures to make your page easier to find and target members of your audience using their location. Instagram has even added a feature known as Location Stories, allowing you to curate your stories and reach an even wider audience.

Our Final Thoughts & Using Buzzoid’s Services

There’s no need to worry about having your Instagram account fade into obscurity when you follow the tips suggested above and put effort into creating your Instagram profile. Everything you post has an effect on the amount of likes and followers you get as well as how visible you are. You can get creative, meet new people, and spread the sound of your music by using Instagram to its full potential and allowing your band or music group to reach the top.

To give yourself a well needed headstart, be sure to check out the Instagram followers, likes and views services offered by Buzzoid. We really can’t recommend them enough; affordable prices, great support and excellent quality Instagram followers, likes and views. Our Buzzoid review and experience is very positive, and we recommend giving them a try if you need help improving the exposure of your Instagram profile.