CALIFORNIA — The Australian based company, Beyond Cinema, is bringing a boat-in theater experience to fellow movie goers in L.A. for one week starting September 2.

Instead of sitting inside the theaters, or going to a drive-in, Beyond Cinema, known for making unique movie experiences for viewers, is offering a choice to spend some time on the water while enjoying the big screen. 

The “floating” cinema has 12-24 boats that seat at least eight people per boat. Each boat is set to be six feet apart to ensure social distancing regulations. The theater suggests that if you are going with friends or family that exceed eight people, then booking an additional boat will be best, however you must maintain a six foot distance. 

Tickets require that you purchase the whole boat to make sure you are sitting with your party only. Customers will receive free popcorn with the option to add on any other snacks or drinks before heading to the water. Pre-registration for ticket sales can be found on There will be mixed showings of classics and new releases; each ticket sale will show what movie will be playing. 

The actual location of the theater has not been announced yet.

Other cities are also getting their own boating cinema around September, including: San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, New York, Pittsburgh, Austin, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Columbus and Cincinnati.