BEVERLY HILLS—Today’s Fresh Start charter school founder Clark Parker will resign from his role as the Southern Coast Air Quality Vice Chairman in wake of an investigation by the Los Angeles Times. Parker is slated to vacate the role on April 30. The LA Times first reported on Clark and his wife in a story published on March 27.

Parker, the founder of Today’s Fresh Start charter school along with his wife Dr. Jeanette role as Superintendent of the charter in south Los Angeles allegedly operated with bare minimum supplies, including books, computers and cockroach infested classrooms that served low-income students of color.

Parker was paid $800,000 in annual rent charter schools, and hired Clark who was paid $575,000 to manage the schools construction project which he denies the allegations.

The accusations against the Parkers took consideration after recent college graduate Denise Kawamoto accepted a job at the charter school when she immediately claimed something wasn’t right with frequent instability of teachers at the school.

“Old computers were lying around, but the campus had no internet access. Pay was low and supplies scarce — she wasn’t given books for her students.”

Kawamoto also claimed it wasn’t normal for the school to mount surveillance cameras in each classroom.

According to reports, Parker resigned due to his plans to invest in real-estate developments from local approved agencies.

Canyon News reached out to the Appointing Authority for the Senate Rules Committee via email, but did not receive a response regarding Parkers resignation and how it impacts the Southern Coast Air Quality company.

The Los Angeles Board of Education appeals 70 percent of cases where charter schools were faced with threats by local regulators of being shutdown. California has 1,300 charter schools in which the state law allows new registration if faced with scrutiny under different districts, according evidence cited in the Los Angeles Times report.

The state Department of Education has filed suit against the Parkers to recover public funds estimated more than  $19 million misspent while also overseeing several day-care centers in South L.A

In 2018, founder of charter school Celebrity Educational Group, Vielka McFarlane, 56, a chief executive, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to misappropriate funds and embezzlement of $2.5 million in public funds for personal items instead of student affairs. No charges were filed by the government, but the nonprofit school was later rename ISANA Academics.

Parker is being sued by the California State Department of Education for over $19 million for public funds that he used for personal gain instead of students. Parker and his wife Jeanette, currently live in a 7,700 square foot residence in Beverly Hills valued at over $15 million, the LA Times reported. His wife formerly served as the president of the Beverly Hills Republican Club.