BEVERLY HILLS—On August 17 at 4:58 p.m. Lawyer and Cultural Heritage Commissioner, Craig Corman filed his letter(s) of intent to run for Beverly Hills City Council in 2024. 

Corman, who was born to parents of Beverly Hills High School graduates, is a lifelong member of the city. He is a BHHS graduate from 1977. He and his wife, Karen raised their children in the city. 

He made the following statement in a September 2 article in the Beverly Hills Courier announcing his run:

“Planning Commission, more than the other commissions, has to make a lot of substantive decisions that can be controversial. I think my record on the Planning Commission shows that I listened to all sides, and I try to make informed decisions.”

Members of the current BH City Council include Mayor Julian A. Gold, Vice Mayor Lester Friedman, Lili Bosse, John A. Mirisch and Sharona R Nazarian PsyD.