HOLLYWOOD—Who would have imagined that Xander and Sarah would become foes on “Days of Our Lives.” It was only a matter of time before the truth about Victoria being Xander’s daughter and not Rex’s coming to light. Xander has petitioned for full custody of his daughter and the former lovers are going to court in the courtroom. Xander has picked the right attorney, as Sloan is representing him and going for the jugular in the courtroom.

Yeah, Sarah does have a bit of a history withholding children from their actual parents, but can you blame her after what Xander did to her? If Xander didn’t indulge in his evil ways, Sarah would have never been traumatized. Sloan should be careful because I feel like her secret involving Nicole carrying Eric’s baby and not EJ’s is about to be exposed because of her antics. I mean she is already feeling guiltier by the minute. Sloan you better spill now because the longer you wait, you are not likely to have any chance with Eric.

Sarah and Rex have split and he’s out of Salem, while Xander bid adieu to Chloe who said her goodbyes as she headed to New York with Philip of all people. Yup, Chloe is long gone. You know who else left Salem, Talia, whose time was short-lived after Colin was arrested and Chanel reunited with Johnny. There was nothing left for her to do in Salem so she’s off to sunnier pastures as well. She really won’t be missed because the character wasn’t doing all that much to begin with if we have to be honest.

Is it likely Shawn and Belle fix their marriage after so much betrayal and deceit? One can only hope, but I sense they will find their way to each other, similar to Paulina and Abe who have hit a rough patch in their marriage. Another relationship facing some hiccups includes Stephanie and Chad because he is still mourning Abigail. I mean it really has only been a year, so people need to give Chad a bit of a break here. Most people don’t jump back into dating if they lose the love of their life anytime soon, but he isn’t aware he’s opening for a door for Stephanie to stray away.

Leo and Dimitri are doing their best to come up with a plan to prevent Dimitri from facing criminal charges for his action. FYI, Vivian pulled the trigger and has already skipped Salem as a result, while Gabi and Stefan are still scheming. Gabi you might want to stop scheming; seems this woman never learns her lesson, as she is now aligning with Brady to go after Kristen, yes people that Kristen DiMera, who we know is a very vengeful woman, especially when her daughter Rachel is involved. Yes, Gabi is hoping to help Brady regain full custody of his daughter at Kristen’s expense, could be very dangerous.

Ava and Harris are getting hot and heavy and he might find himself becoming a new member of the Salem Police Department. However, Ava still has to worry about Clyde Weston. Dammit, why do we have to see this character make an appearance every year! I’m so sick of him. Jeez, last time we saw him he was responsible for Abigail’s murder and was locked away. Now he’s threatening Tripp if Ava doesn’t take over his drug business. I want someone to end Clyde Weston ONCE and for all people, and he was the person who had Susan kidnapped to get back at EJ. Oh, that was a total fail people, sorry, but with EJ and Chad commiserating about Clyde’s roll in Abigail’s demise, I can imagine him FINALLY being taken out as a result of his stunt with Susan.

Holly and Tate are troublemaking teens and Brady and Nicole now have their hands full with Salem troublemakers. Also Theresa has had way too many changing faces, as Emily O’Brien is now taking on the role after portraying the wicked Gwen for years on the soap. I don’t know how I feel about this, but we will see. I will be honest I loved Gwen as a character she was a fun villain, so to see her out sucks, not to mention I love Jen Lilley as Theresa Donovan. She just immerses herself in that character that works so effortlessly in my opinion, and I’m not sure Emily O’Brien can bring that same feisty, yet tenderness to an iconic character, but we shall see.