HOLLYWOOD—Hello 2016, farewell to another soap favorite! “Days of Our Lives” has not skimped one bit on the body count for the soap in 2015. The soap saw the demise of Serena, Paige, Will Horton, Aiden Jennings, Bo Brady and now fans can add Dr. Daniel Jonas to the list. The NBC sudser kicked off the New Year with an epic fashion show for the re-launch of Basic Black full of chaos courtesy of Kate Roberts and reformed bad girl Theresa Donavan. Surprise, surprise, it was Nicole Walker who became peacemaker.

So what is certain to lead to the demise of Salem’s favorite doctor? A car crash that is caused by Eric Brady who’s had a bit too much to drink. He gets behind the wheel and causes a train reaction crash involving Brady, Daniel, Jennifer and Eric. Fans of the soap arena who have been keeping up with news have been aware for weeks that Shawn Christian would be vacating his role on the soap which he has held for quite some time.

So how does Dan’s death impact Salem? Well, in a bevy of ways. He is engaged to get married to Nicole on Valentine’s Day, but Nicole once again will not get the happily ever after she has been hoping for. I mean when is this woman going to get a break? I mean she has experienced so much LOSS it’s difficult to even put things into words.

His death will usher in the return of his daughter Melanie Jonas portrayed by Molly Burnett, as well as Chloe, the mother of Daniel’s son portrayed by Nadia Bjorlin. Get ready people because the waterworks are about to erupt in ways that we can least expect. Making things even more difficult is the fact that Maggie, Daniel’s mother will be forced to make a life-changing decision involving her son to save the lives of those injured in the crash.

I couldn’t even imagine grappling with that decision. Her world is about to forever be changed, and I can only imagine the fallout when it comes to light that Eric was the one responsible for such a tragedy that has caused ripple effects for many residents in Salem.

Other chaos that has erupted on the canvas in the past few days is the revelation that baby Thomas is indeed Chad’s spawn and not Ben’s! That’s good news and bad news for Abigail. Why? Well, that means her son is a DiMera and if that holds true Stefano and Andre will do all in their power to ensure the child is raised as one. Abigail has her hands full with Chad kicking her to the curb for Belle, who seems slightly smitten with Chad’s charming ways. So much to the point that when Abigail goes hunting Chad down to reveal that he is the father of her child who is ill, she catches Belle and Chad in bed together.

Oh, and for those of you who may have been sleeping underneath a rock, actress Kate Mansi will be vacating the role of Abigail Deveraux in the near future. That is indeed a shocker because the actress has really developed the character in the recent year, and I hate to admit the chemistry between Mansi and Chad (Billy Flynn) is epic, so good luck on finding another actress that can fill that void.

It looks like Steve and Kayla better keep their guard up, cause Ava looks to strike them where it hurts most by using their son Joey. To make the situation worse, Joey has fallen for Ava and she is toying with the young lad as if he has a chance with her. Oh, young love; the ups and the downs.

The cat is out of the bag, Hope and Rafe are both aware that Stefano DiMera is the mastermind behind Bo’s kidnapping and the reason he succumbed to the tumor in his brain. Oh goody, this has been teased for months and it looks like just in time for February sweeps that the showdown between the Brady and the DiMera clan will reach a feverish pitch.

“Days” producer Ken Corday has already teased an epic murder that is certain to rock Salem in 2016, could we see the demise of Hope Brady or Stefano DiMera? I think Will’s death in 2015 shocked, but the death in 2016 will be of epic proportions. Last week “General Hospital” set the stage for an interesting 2016, and it looks like “Days of Our Lives” will continue to develop must-see narrative in 2016!