HOLLYWOOD—Where do we start people in regards to the mayhem on “Days of Our Lives.” Well there is good news and bad news. Why? Marlena Evans is no longer possessed by the Devil, however, her grandson Johnny is. Yeah, I was not expecting that twist, but I’m glad to see that happened, as it opens the door to more chaos. Would one make the argument that the climax was a bit disappointing? Yes, I was expecting “The Exorcist” on steroids, but this is daytime TV so only so much can be done.

However, Johnny is much younger, savvier and can easily do things that Marlena Evans cannot people. One thing that should instantly shock people is the color of red that he likes to don, particularly in a suit. Chanel has no idea that her hubby is possessed and that his antics are about to get crazier than you can imagine. I mean Allie is already in a tizzy about her brother and Chanel getting married and the writers keep poking at the notion that Chanel and Allie will eventually become an item at some point down the line. With Johnny in the driver’s seat of the Devil looking to cause more havoc in Salem, I can only imagine who will be in danger in the coming weeks. John, Sami, Allie, Eric, EJ and so many others need to take their focus away from Marlena and focus on Johnny because not a single person has a clue as to what is going on with the young adult.

With that said, secrets are indeed being exposed in a major way in Salem. I was literally aghast to learn that Lucas, yes, that Lucas was responsible for Sami’s kidnapping. It was NOT EJ. I was certain EJ was the culprit, but Lucas kidnapping his former flame to solidify them becoming an item is just wicked and genius at the same time. Can you imagine what Sami does when she discovers the truth? Talk about unleashing hell, it’s going to be hell on hell because that woman is going to want revenge in ways that you can never imagine people.

While the audience learned that secret, we weren’t the only people because Chad learned what Lucas was up to that totally set the stage for a takedown once EJ discovers all the people who betrayed him. I mean, EJ already hated Lucas, but this will ensure EJ goes to extreme lengths to get his revenge people. On top of that, Chad is now in the driver seat at DiMera, but I wonder what Abigail, hell, Gabi or Jake will do if they discover that Chad knew about Lucas’ stunt and let EJ take the fall. They might use that as leverage to get what they want. Chad will have plenty of explaining to do once that bomb is outed people.

Oh, let’s talk about Brady who was in jail for murdering Philip, who we all know is very much alive, but Kate is keeping that secret, as is Lucas and I don’t know how that is wise when you have Roman poking to bring Philip home. How do you think he will react when he learns the woman he has been wooing has been lying behind his back! Please already just let Brady and Chloe be an item they deserve it and the chemistry between them is so strong that it cannot be ignored. Yeah, Chloe and Brady should be careful where they talk as they disclosed to a listening Ava that Rafe cheated on her with Nicole.

To say that Ava was livid was an understatement. Why? She destroyed a stuff animal people, but her wheels are just churning with a way to get back at Rafe and her bestie Nicole for lying to her face for weeks. Oh, when the truth comes out, I’m actually looking forward to this big reveal to see how Rafe and Nicole attempt to explain themselves America. Is there anything else I need to explain in Salem that could be interesting? Oh, the fact that Johnny was talking directly to Stefano’s portrait. Uh-oh that cannot be good people, not a single bit.