HOLLYWOOD—I did not think the season finale of the new series “Delilah” was going to come so fast, but here we are people and it was explosive to say the least. The finale, ‘The Long Game’ saw some twists; turns and unexpected surprises shake our core characters as we know it. “Delilah” has been refreshing drama to say the least with unique characters and a narrative that immediately sucked you in and kept viewers guessing each week.

For those not in the know it all revolved around Leah Davis, a former pal of attorneys Delilah Connolly and Tamara Roberts. Delilah and Tamara have been besties from the start, but Leah caused a major rift in their friendship after asking for legal advice after being fired from her job after discovering some faulty issues with Osborne Industries. We learn a lot about Leah, like the fact that she had an affair with her boss and has been keeping all sorts of secrets from her attorney, which eventually see the light of day. The audience just never knows with Leah who seems to be all about Leah herself and getting what is due to her i.e. MONEY. Let’s week’s cliffhanger provided proof that Leah knew Cindy Shay, Gary Shay’s wife.

Gary supposedly ‘killed’ himself which we all know not to be true, even though the audience never got a clear confirmation of the actual guilty party behind his demise. All this chaos erupted into the mediation meeting between Tamara and Delilah and their clients. Oh, there were fireworks people. How Tamara does her job without wanting to blow a casket on people I don’t know. I mean Fred Osbourne talking to her the way he did in the middle of the mediation lawyer left me speechless.

After much back and forth, a deal was reached, but it was apparent that Delilah was not happy with the result. However, our advocacy attorney had other issues to deal with. Like the impending family drama involving Nate, Christine and her father. Nate finally came to the realization that his marriage to Christine was over, and when she didn’t show up for a scheduled meeting, his father offered for him and Dion to live with them. Nate was taken aback, but took his father up on his offer.

It truly felt like Tamara’s world was being blown to bits this season finale as friction in her relationship to Casey came to light after he REFUSED to tell her what he was doing in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was apparent that Casey was up to something that he did not want Tamara to know about even though she asked countless times. Keeping secrets is always a no-no Casey. Her rage intensified when she realized that her boss was working behind the scenes screwing her over, while she has been working tirelessly to represent the firm’s clients.

Tamara wanted action on the reparations tax, and Win pushed back, but she delivered an ultimatum: make the move to remove your name from that bill or she’s done. Yeah, didn’t expect that from Tamara, but I was happy to see it people. However, Win sure knows how to reel Tamara in by presenting the offer to usher his father out, so that he and Tamara could run the firm without anyone watching any moves they make.

While continuing to tighten the screws on Leah’s case, and hoping to get justice for her brother and all the others army veterans who were injured because of that faulty device, Demetria and Harper learned that a number was connected to guess who: Leah Davis. It did blow my mind upon realizing that Leah hoodwinked everyone. She knew the device was faulty all along and she played everyone like a fiddle. I was angry I will admit, because it didn’t seem obvious, but if you go back to the beginning all the signs were there people.

Delilah confronted Leah and demanded she give her something to nail Fred Osbourne, and with that ammunition Delilah delivered the screws to Fred who was forced to create a major fund to help the vets at the tune of $100 million people. Fred loses Delilah wins. So all looks well, but not so people. Everyone seemed to be having a good time at Casey and Tamara’s engagement party. However, it would NOT be a season finale without a cliffhanger. How so? Harper delivered devastating news to Delilah who had been concerned the entire episode about Mace.

If I’m being honest I thought Mace had a date with the Grim Reaper. Long story short the person who Mace was applying for a job with has vanished and the authorities suspect that Mace is the responsible party. I think it is safe to say we have our narrative for next season and I wonder if it could be tied to this season. No one has been disclosed if “Delilah” has been renewed for a second season, but I am sure hoping so because the series has entertained me to say the least America.