DHS Secretary Booed At Restaurant

UNITED STATES—The Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, walked out of a restaurant after a group of protesters confronted her while she was having dinner.

The incident happened on Tuesday, June 19, at MXDC Cocina Mexicana Restaurant, located near The White House.

According to reports, Nielsen was sitting in the back, surrounded by her security team, when a group of members of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America confronted her about Donald Trump and children being separated from their parents at the border.

One demonstrator stated: “So we say you can’t enjoy dinner until you reunite all those families.” Another chanted, “No borders, no walls! Sanctuary for all!”

Another individual stated: “Kirstjen Nielsen you’re a villain, locking up immigrant children!” and “Shame on Nielsen, shame on Trump!” She was booed several times while at the restaurant.

The group asked her: “Aren’t you a mother too? How do you sleep at night? Do you hear babies crying?”

After 10 minutes, Nielsen got up and walked out of the restaurant, and the demonstrators were removed from the establishment by the police.

Tyler Q. Houlton, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security tweeted, “While having a work dinner tonight, the Secretary and her staff heard from a small group of protestors who share her concern with our current immigration laws that have created a crisis on our southern border. @SecNielsen encourages all – including this group – who want to see an immigration system that works, contributes to our economy, protects our security, & reflects our values reach out to Members & seek their support to close immigration loopholes that made our system a mess. The Secretary has been working with Members of Congress for months in search of a solution and she will continue to do so this week.”