UNITED STATES—Health goes hand in hand with fitness. Most medical experts have attested to prescribing exercises to some of their patients as part solutions to various medical problems. On the other hand, fitness enthusiasts need to get prescriptions for the exercises they can do to achieve various goals. These can be complemented by taking legit PCT after completing exercise cycles that will lead athletes to their goals.

According to a reputable research center, most ordinary people who spend a lot of time sitting at work need to engage in specific types and levels of exercises, and therefore, they will need an exercise prescription rather than indulging in workouts without a plan. But, how can one go about this?

Why a Prescription Is Needed

Those who are inactive have a higher chance of becoming ill at any time. Cardio related diseases, stroke and obesity have a root in being sedentary. As mentioned in the introductory note, the most vulnerable people are those who sit behind a computer for a long time. Probably, they do not have enough time to exercise. Worse still, they do not know how much they need to exercise.

Another group of people who are at risk of doing too little is the athletes. If this is their career, then they need to engage in enough exercise to support their activities. Rugby players and American football players, for instance, need to be muscular and powerful to participate in the game. But, how much exercise do they need? Only prescriptions can reveal the right amount of exercise that suits the particular athlete.

Sometimes, bodybuilders and other athletes tend to go overboard. In the end, they may become injured and derail their future plans to exercise. According to medical reports, some of these sports people have died while at the gym or fallen ill. The nervous system can break down if pushed too far. To avoid these, it is crucial to obtain a prescription.

Starting a Fitness Plan

As part of the general prescription, the experts usually advise to start gradually and add more activities with time. This applies to newbies and those recovering from workout injuries. Here are some guides on how to follow this general prescription for exercise.

  • Setting workout goals – it all starts with goals. If you need to reduce weight or add muscles, then set the goals right from the beginning and start working towards them. Start with what is achievable and add activities gradually.
  • Using the right equipment – if you will be using fitness equipment, which is recommended, ensure that it is the right type and that it is in good working condition. Ideal equipment makes workouts easy and yields higher results even with minimum efforts.
  • Writing down the prescription – after getting the right prescription, the best thing to do is to have it written down as a point of reference at any time. From this reference, you can easily make adjustments depending on how the body is responding.


It is true that people need a prescription for exercise. This way, any person will find it easy to achieve her or his goals. Athletes will prevent injuries while newbies will have a realistic start.