Tag: scary

Effigy Of Biden Hung With Noose

BRENTWOOD—A man who supports President Donald Trump hung a mannequin of Joe Biden with a rope and noose from his home. The words “cheater”...

Attempted Kidnapping Of 2 Children

CALIFORNIA— On October 22, 2020, the LAPD released a video warning civilians around the 77th area of a suspect who has been caught on...

Evolution Of: Bridges

United States – CREATING BRIDGES is a commonality we have shared with CENTURIES of other humans. If not for purposes of travel or trade,...

“Poltergeist” Will Scare You Senseless

HOLLYWOOD—I have seriously been waiting for quite some time for a movie to come along to deliver some wicked thrills, something to scare me...

“It Follows” Is Spine-Tingling

HOLLYWOOD—I seriously can’t recall the last time I saw a horror film that literally left me unnerved. Tapping into that realm of originality is...

“Poltergeist” Trailer Will Spook You

HOLLYWOOD—I’m a fan of remakes to a degree, especially when the writer and director chooses to take a classic in a new direction. In...
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