HOLLYWOOD—On February 19, there was a protest on Hollywood Boulevard for those in favor and those against mandatory vaccines and mask mandates.

A citizen viewer posted video of a protest on Hollywood Boulevard where they were carrying flags including, Don’t Tread on Me, the Thin Blue Line flags, and a flag with both the Thin Blue Line and a pale-yellow stripe. The yellow or gold line on the flag is in support of dispatcher and first responders. The Thin Blue Line is in support of the police.

TiberiusNugs posted photos on Twitter of the crowd. Some members of the protest held signs against using experimental vaccines on children, forcing school children to wear masks all day. Other protesters marched holding signs against mandates in the workplace, and loss of employment.

Some parents have showed up to school board meetings demanding the mask mandates in schools stop. Some cited Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles where adults were not masked up. K-12 students are required to wear masks both inside and outdoors.

A similar protest is planned for Sunday, February 27 on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Such protests have included truckers in Canada.


The truckers are now on different routes in the U.S. all heading to Washington D.C.

The routes of the truckers may be viewed online. Each route includes a stop for gas and where they rally. Reports indicate that the trucker’s convoys and the community protests are all part of the End Mandates Now campaign.

California and New York have begun to enforce vaccine mandates that may threaten jobs of peace officers, first responders, and those in the medical arena.

California Governor Gavin Newsom promoted and demanded shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Newsom and other politicians have been photographed maskless multiple times in public. He has publicly suggested the possibility of California becoming the first state to declare an “endemic.” It is not clear how this will affect the nearly 4,000 LASD and LAPD officers who are at risk of losing their jobs over the state of California mandates.