UNITED STATES—Toni: Last week, you wrote about how to apply for Medicare online by having to start a “My Social Security” account.  I had no problem opening the “My Social Security” account and answering the credit questions because I knew those answers. When it came to fill out the application for Medicare that was another story!

I had a problem with some of Medicare’s personal questions. I knew my name, address, Date of Birth, Social Security number, etc. When it came to answering what kind of citizen that was another issue because I am not a US born American, but a naturalized citizen. I was born in Greece and am very proud to say that I received my American citizenship about 15 years ago.  The application asked me what date and I could not answer that exact date and had to estimate.  Now I must take my original citizenship papers to the local Social Security office or send the original by mail.

Toni, America needs to know that even though this is supposed to be an easier process that it does have a few kinks which can confuse those with more than a high school degree.  Please let your readers know not to give up when having a problem, had my wife and I not scheduled a Medicare consultation at the Toni Says® office I would have been totally lost applying online.  Thanks, Nick from Meyerland area.

Nick: What a great compliment! I was very glad to find out that you found your original citizenship papers and could take them to your local Social Security office. You had hidden them so well that it took you time to find them.

Let’s discuss how to apply online and a few of the problems we are discovering when helping others apply for Medicare online when turning 65 by going online to www.ssa.gov/benefits/medicare.

What if you cannot open a “My Social Security Account,” then what?  Click on the EXIT button and proceed you should proceed to the Medicare sign up page. This information about apply for Medicare cannot be found anywhere on any Social Security information on “How to Enroll in Medicare.” If you cannot proceed with applying for Medicare without opening a “My Social Security Account” than what?  Go directly to your local Social Security office and inform the Social Security agent that you are not able to open a Social Security account and are locked out and you need help.

Information to apply only for Medicare is below:

1)       Begin with your information:  Name, Social Security number, Gender and Date of Birth

2)       Contact information with address, phone number, email address

3)       Citizen information about you with what language your read and speak

4)       Questions about your health benefits

5)       Then submit your application online and view your receipt which explains what additional information may be needed such as marriage license when you are short of 40 quarters and applying under your spouse’s Medicare benefits or may be like Nick and must take your citizenship papers. Take this information to the local Social Security office to be verified.

6)       Once your beneficiary verification letter that comes first and includes your Medicare number and Part A and/or B dates, or your new Medicare Card which comes next, then enroll in a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Prescription drug plan.

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