HOLLYWOOD—For the fans of “General Hospital” who have been patiently waiting for that catfight between Ava Jerome and her nemesis Esme Prince it was well worth it. The walls were finally closing in on Esme and she began to panic and when you panic you make mistakes America. For starters, don’t purchase a burner phone where everyone else can also go to the same person to do the same. Second, be careful of thinking you’re the smartest person in the world; there is always someone out there just as smart if not smarter than you. Lastly, never give people a reason to suspect you more than they already do.

Spencer dropped that bomb on Esme in a way that she never imagined regarding her birth mom, but she had no idea Spencer would utilize that as leverage. With Curtis and Marshall getting the scoop on the guy who sold Esme the burner phone, all looked like it was over, but Esme never goes down without a fight. She drugged the guy resulting in him falling into a coma. Calling the hospital constantly for answers doesn’t help either people.

With all that said, the truth about Nikolas sleeping with Esme was discovered and the old Ava, the wicked, cruel, vindictive, vicious villainess (dare I say), we all love, returned. She made it crystal clear to Nikolas that she planned to take him to the cleaners for everything he had. You know what is scary: I believe it. That later turned to a confrontation where Ava realized something crucial: Esme’s attacks on her are personal. Gosh, Ava you are so close, just dig a bit deeper and you will see the connection between Esme and Ryan and then really be able to take action.

Esme trying to hide those papers didn’t help and when Ava gave that ultimatum to Esme about clearing Trina’s name it changed it all. The ladies got into a catfight and of course, it was a long time coming, but Ava did not hold any bars as Esme fell off the parapet into the waters below. Hmm, something tells me Esme might be presumed dead, but she is far from it people, which means when she resurfaces it will be much worse people. As for Ava, she didn’t care much, but Nikolas was worried because he got home a little too late to prevent that unforeseen set of events to transpire. He searched for Esme, but found nothing.

Expect to see some fallout from Ava’s latest stunt for Nikolas, Spencer and Trina. Trina’s trial has been damn gripping as of late as testimony from a bevy of people have helped and hurt Trina’s case. As of late, Spencer revealing that he was Trina’s alibi the day that video surfaced was a bomb that no one expected, including Trina herself. When Spencer pay the price for spilling the truth? Yes, as he was arrested by Jordan, right after Trina took the stand in her own defense, and she severed ties with Rory also. It is likely Victor is certain to pull strings to ensure his nephew doesn’t spend any time behind bars.

Michael’s quest to take down Sonny is going to be his downfall. Why? Dex is not as smooth of a player as he thinks. Brick already suspects something to be off with Dex, which means he’s about to dig into that past, and I’m not sure if Michael is prepared for that. Dex got caught on video beating that photographer to a pulp by Josslyn who planned to use that footage to bring Sonny down to his knees. Dex was able to smooth talk Josslyn a bit and I wonder if “GH” is playing around with a new potential romance. I mean Joss is with Cameron, but he has been MIA as of late people. It would indeed be interesting that is all I will say.

However, expect a war unlike one you’re never seen before when Sonny discovers what Michael has been up to. I mean Michael is like a son to Sonny, but he’s not an actual blood son people, so Michael may have ignited a war that not even Carly could stop if she wanted to. Carly and Drew are continuing to get closer people as they were literally on the cusp of sharing a spicy kiss, but that was interrupted by Sonny. Damn it is so frustrating because as a viewer you want to see it, but the buildup better be worth the result when it ultimately unfolds.

Austin is keeping some big secrets from Maxie, which Spinelli peeped, but Maxie thinks she knows well. After all that Maxie has been thru with Peter August, one would think that Austin would no better than to hide secrets. What exactly is Austin hiding? That is to be determined, but whoever is pulling the strings mean business. Sasha is spiraling more and more by the minute, which Brando has realized. A tense confrontation at the hospital caused Sasha to lash out and only pushed her further to the edge where she was about to give into temptation yet again America. Britt is still annoyed by Cody, but I guess viewers will just have to wait and see will happen with this relationship.

The big tale to watch out for is Willow’s medical crisis that she is keeping secret from Michael. It looks like Willow might be suffering from leukemia or some sort of medical crisis where her life will be at risk. I knew this would be the catalyst that would force Carly to expose the truth that Nina is Willow’s birth mother, resulting in mom saving her daughter’s life and forcing a bond between the two women to be formed. Yeah, Nina is about to be in Michael and Carly’s life for the rest of their lives people, rather they like it or not.

Also in an interesting twist, Liz is recalling more memories one involving Peter August that is quite intriguing to say the least. Exactly what are the writers planning with this narrative people? “GH” viewers will have to wait and see.