UNITED STATES—May is National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month and such a serious subject warrants me telling you to click here for important and relevant information straight from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This writing though, it was sparked by my misconception that Cystic Fibrosis was the same as breast cancer.

I could babble about fibrous tissue becoming hypertrophic from any number of reasons such as problematic fight or flight neurochemicals like dopamine, or how emotional stress has been linked with anomalous tissue growth in breasts. OR I could talk about how our species evolution of betterment includes continually striving for knowledge and this is how we recently discovered a 6th sense after thinking humans already knew everything…

When I read CYSTIC FIBROSIS my mind registered FIBROCYSTIC, as in fibrocystic “lumpy” breasts and I was excited to spill forth a little breast knowledge that not everyone knows, an understanding of something harmful that we have been doing.

I write pieces with EVOLUTION in the title and some may believe my writing doesn’t relate, but IT ALL RELATES! According to Buss’s Evolutionary Psychology textbook: “evolution refers to change over time.”

It’s only logical that our knowledge regarding females breast would change too, over time.

For a long time we have been concerned with only two aspects of breast health; the screening for benign VS malignant cysts, as well as the support to help combat back and neck pain.

BUT DID YOU KNOW that there’s a growing body of research that states how bras are not only negatively affecting the breasts, but breathing too! IT MAKES SENSE, since even the protocol for treating broken ribs (used for hundreds of years) has changed: NO MORE wrapping them because it restricts lung movement and promotes pneumonia.

That lung wrapping example is proof that WISE HUMANS usually change once our habits are proven harmful, so now our BRA habit needs to change.

Don’t get excited though, it’s too late for you and me. Our breasts have grown to be dependent on that uncomfortable contraption.

Wearing a bra during YOUTH is what needs to be changed because they are saying that if the breasts are allowed to grow without a bra they develop appropriate muscle to support them but as it is now the bra SUPPORTS them to grow as large as genetics and diet allow!

Think about all those young girls that decided not to wear a bra “until they needed to” but then grew to never need to! A-HA!

Furthermore: the same 15 year study proved that breasts “get saggier with a bra” says French Scientist and Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon who alsosays there is NO benefit from breasts being “DENIED GRAVITY.” Go ahead and CLICK HERE to read more about the findings yourself.

So what in the world are we going to do NOW, armed with this knowledge?

If we were to use our free speech and truthfulness we would admit that we know exactly why bras were created and used in the first place and it was not for health, but for men. Whether females were trying to enhance attractiveness for attention, or make a pair of flawed breasts look normal.

I’m sure we can add a sinister PERVERT aspect too! Just as the SKORT allows young children to bend and play without them staring at underwear and the cleavage covers protects the bosom from staring eyes: once upon a time nipples had to be covered OR ELSE elicit the attention of men at a time when they believed erect nipples meant a woman was sexually aroused.

With all of this in mind, we are a culture that knows better but does it anyway and this BRA ISSUE will probably be no different.