Pariplay invites you to “explore the African grasslands” and save an endangered species with new Rumble Rhino video slot

UNITED STATES—There is no question that the rhinoceros needs saving. It is an endangered creature, with not that many left out in the wild. Given that education about the species is important in spreading the word about their existence and current status, what better way to get that into the consciousness of many than by putting the animal on a popular game.

Pariplay, a creator of Real Money Gaming systems, had that in mind when they developed Rumble Rhino.

Not only is the game putting out awareness about the rhinoceros, 10 percent of the profits earned from the game actually goes to Save the Rhino International (SRI), a charity registered in the UK that has made protecting the rhino its mission. How’s that for a combination of fun and doing something good for the animal world?

Rhinos as the star

Rhinos are definitely the focus of the newly released game from Pariplay, but it’s definitely not the only creature you’ll see. The games creator promises “incredible scenery” as you “explore the African grasslands.” On your journey, you will find not only the rhino but also zebras and giraffes – commonly sighted animals on an African safari.

Pariplay developed the game in partnership with SRI. This much is indicated in the introductory video of the game. Gamers are then informed that 10 percent profits from the Rumble Rhino video slot game will be given to SRI, which is a UK-registered charity.

Richard Mintz, who is Pariplay’s commercial and marketing director, said that the company is excited to have partnered with SRI for Rumble Rhino since it not only allows players to have an incredible gaming experience, it also allows them to contribute to saving an endangered specie.

The Rumble Rhino Experience

Video slots are one of the most popular online casino games thanks to a combination of fast action, interactive features, and of course high payouts. While a good number of people would rather play online blackjack since getting a 21 or less seems more exciting, that doesn’t mean that slots are completely boring. There’s a certain thrill to seeing random images run through the screen in the hopes that all of them match up.

Rumble Rhino is such a game and it uses images of rhinos. So what can players expect from this game?

Players can expect 100 paylines with a “Mystery Mask” feature that can provide massive winnings. They can also play a bonus game where they can collect six different prizes, including “Rumble Spins.”

“Rumble Spins” allows players to have spin for free seven times with locked wilds and additional elements. Players have the chance to claim an instant-win cash prize and any of the following:

  • 20 free spins with a two-time multiplier
  • 50 free spins with a two-time bonus symbol on select reels
  • 15 free spins with a three-time win multiplier
  • 10 free spins with a five-time win multiplier

Pariplay says that Rumble Rhino has a 95.52 percent return-to-player rate, which sounds pretty exciting. Even better, it’s designed to be used by many across the word (it supports about 20 different languages). Since the game was developed using HTML5, users can enjoy it while on their mobile device or on their desktop computers.

An Increasing Portfolio

Rumble Rhino adds to Pariplay’s ever-growing portfolio of online casino games, which now counts more than 100 titles. In 2019 alone, the company has already put out three video slots. The first, Xi You Ji, was released in January. The game takes players into the world of the legendary Chinese novel Journey to the West, which is centuries old.

That release was followed by Zombies Gone Wild in February, which was labeled as a “battle for humanity’s survival.” The game was inspired by this day’s fascination with the living dead. With the combination of an atmospheric soundtrack and exciting features, gamers really feel like they are a part of “humanity’s last stand for survival.”

Rumble Rhino is the company’s release for the month of March and this time, it targets both a user’s enjoyment at seeing beautiful scenery, the chance to win huge, and also the opportunity to help save an endangered creature.

Mintz says that SRI is a “thoroughly deserving charity and an admirable vision.” If you’re interested in having both fun while also contributing to a good cause, Rumble Rhino is a great slots game to play.

It’s important to get important causes to a wide audience, and putting images of endangered species on popular games is one way.