UNITED STATES—Hmm, where should we begin, I know I discussed the impending war that is brewing between Jack Abbott and Victor Newman over Adam Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” Since we last spoke, Adam has learned that Kyle and Victor have been colluding to force Adam out of Jabot and to woo him back to Newman Enterprises. That is the thing about parents, they always seem to think they know what is right for their children, but that is not the case people and Victor fails to understand with both of his sons: Nick and Adam.

Victor doesn’t like that Nick is pursuing Sally. Victor doesn’t like that Adam is not working at the family business. Oh, Victor, I would just love for someone to bring this man down several pegs which hasn’t happened. They have come close, but he has never been punched in the gut in a way that forces him to re-evaluate his wicked ways. Jack scolded Kyle for his involvement with Victor, but making the situation that much sweeter was Adam discovering what Kyle and Victor have been up to.

I don’t love Victor Newman, so anytime he creates an enemy who wants to stick it to him, I’m all for it. Victor Newman is arrogant and thinks he is untouchable. Jack has been a thorn in Victor’s side for decades. Adam is a bit different because blood you can’t just sever ties as easy people. What Adam has planned for his father, I have absolutely no idea, but I can only fathom it is going to hurt to the core people and I’m eager for it.

Victor when not trying to destroy Nick, Sally and Adam’s lives, is now focused on taking down Tucker McCall by taking over his debt as leverage. Hmm, this seems way too easy to be true as Michael warned Victoria and Victor against. It seems like a trap, and I must agree because Tucker is a ruthless business man and doesn’t just give up easy. If Tucker is aware what Victor and company are up to, this could be an epic battle that would be entertaining as hell.

Victoria, Victor and Nate are planning to utilize Audra to get Intel from Tucker, but it is so obvious that Tucker can already pick-up on after she initially shut him down and then attempting to switch it up to get back on his good side. Anyone would catch that right away people and Audra is slated for a downfall thanks to Nate, Victoria and Victor. Tucker has dirt on you Audra and he can spill it whenever he is ready to do so. As for Nate, you already cheated on Elena by kissing Victoria, and you’re still dancing in dangerous territory and for what?

Jack and Diane are planning to take their relationship to new heights with Diane moving into the main house, which is something that Ashley, who has returned to Genoa City is not pleased with people. That said, Ashley seems to be working on something behind the scenes, something that could result in the downfall of Diane, while also sticking it to Tucker. The guy who played her for a fool; but this dalliance is an intriguing one. It is almost like Ashley can’t sever herself from Tucker, which I didn’t think I would ever say.

However, more danger is back in Genoa City with Jeremy Stark back in the mix as he was a shoulder to lean on for Phyllis who was just fired by Daniel, not to mention, her meddling in his marriage with Heather, who dropped a bomb on him. Daniel, Heather has found someone else people. Daniel is looking like he is going to be pushed in the orbit of Lily and I’m all for that relationship. Chelsea and Billy are continuing to build up their friendship that I am certain will soon become a relationship.

With that said, Adam is sticking his nose in that situation and it’s unwanted, but his focus is about to change greatly upon discovering that Sally is pregnant and it could be his child. Here’s hoping that Victor and no one else messes around with the paternity test fixing the results to appear the way they want them to appear. The drama is simmering on “Y&R,” but I want it to boil over people.