HOLLYWOOD—The Fourth of July holiday may be over, but the fireworks are just underway on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” I really don’t know where to begin because so much has transpired, but let’s begin with the major firework of them all, Paulina Price busted red-handed. Paulina has been schmoozing around town acting as if all is well, but it was just a gist to get those zoning laws to ensure she could demolish the Horton Square for her own plans.

Paulina’s stunt interrupted Lani and Eli’s big wedding anniversary, and she got the cold stare from her niece, her hubby, her daughter and her new lover Abe. Too bad Abe was horrified of being hoodwinked and immediately dumped Paulina. As a result Paulina tried to deliver a sob story, but no one was buying it. She is getting rid of an iconic staple in Salem and is now the town pariah. Oh, Paulina, you had so much promise and now it’s all up in smoke.

The Paulina Price scandal isn’t the only scandal, Dr. Snyder is dead and his body was discovered by Allie and Claire during their outing at the lake with Tripp and Ben. So Xander actually thought NO ONE would find a body in a lake. For him to be a career criminal, he is actually a dummy. Gwen was not happy when Eli showed up and questioned her about her relationship with Snyder. Gwen played it cool, but with Eli investigating it is just a matter of time before Gwen and Xander is busted for covering up what actually happened with the doctor.

Making matters worse is the fact that Gwen decided to spill the truth to her new bestie that she faked her miscarriage. Ugh, Gwen not smart to tell that to Xander, not to mention he’s pals with Jack and that little fib led to chaos between Chad and Abigail’s marriage. That secret is bound to come out at some point, so Gwen better be prepared for some major fallout in the process.

However, let’s talk about the secret that is certain to blow up worlds if it comes out: Sami cheating on EJ with Lucas. Sami is nervous after learning that Kristen sent her brother a letter detailing that affair. EJ never got the letter, but guess who did: Gabi and Jake. That’s right Gabi and Jake know all about Sami’s affair and can blow not only her world apart, but EJ’s in the process. They are holding onto this leverage for now, but you better believe they are thinking how to use this information to their advantage. EJ has no idea, even though Lucas and Rafe are seething behind the scenes. Neither former flame like EJ that much and with him at the helm of DiMera once again, expect the soap’s new villain to fall back into his old ways.

Nicole is still pinning after Sami’s secret and using Lucas no less to get the goods, she’s close, but no cigar. With that said, Nicole needs to worry about her little secret, the fact that she slept with Xander and that her hubby Eric is slated to return to Salem this month and oh, you can only keep a secret so long. You better believe if Sami’s secret is exposed, Nicole’s secret will be exposed as well. Can you believe that Rafe is hearing voices from stuffed bear people about Nicole no less? Like I said, the Ava and Rafe pairing just doesn’t work, same as the Philip and Chloe relationship. Chloe and Brady belong together and it is just a matter of time before that comes to fruition.

Other relationship news involves the budding romance between Allie and Chanel who shared a steamy kiss, so much for her interest in Tripp people. In addition, Ben is still determined to get Ciara to remember their love. Too bad Ciara is now engaged to get married to Theo. Yeah, that happened very fast, but I wonder where the writers are planning to go with this because one can see from a million miles away that Ciara will remember at some point, reunite with Ben and leave Theo heartbroken.