LAS VEGAS—I’ve never been the biggest boxing fan, but I’ve always had a great amount of respect for the sport. I cannot literally remember the last time there was an excitement, frenetic energy about a boxing battle my entire life. So when it was revealed a few months ago that titans Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao would meet in the ring, all bets were off.

Saturday was like a holiday for sports fanatics as the big boxing battle was on everyone’s mind. There was a sentiment that almost all of America wanted Pacquiao to take down Mayweather, perhaps show him a sense of gratitude, and to be honest I was one of those people. There just seems to be a slight more heart with Manny than Pacquiao.

With Las Vegas being the staple ground for the big battle, celebs were out in full-force. From Denzel Washington, to Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, Beyonce, Jimmy Kimmel, you name the celeb and there is a good chance they had ringside seats to the bout.

While the game didn’t get started until the wee-hours for those living on the East Coast, the battle of century wasn’t as epic as one had hoped. It was clear when both athletes entered the ring that the stadium was rooting for: it was Manny. Floyd had universal boos it appeared across the globe; he was not the favorite to win it, which might explain his demeanor to prove all of America wrong.

For a fight of this magnitude, fans expect some knock-outs, some hard hitting punches, and more excitement than what was delivered in my opinion. It was a good fight, but not an epic fight. Mayweather came out strong in the first two rounds, and Pacquiao was able to keep up with the pace. It became evident after round three that Pacquiao looked to be taking ‘Money’ Mayweather to the bank, well at least for the next four rounds.

The pacing started to slow a bit as the eighth round came upon us, and it seemed to be a draw in my opinion between the two. However, Pacquaio got in a few great hits on Mayweather that placed him on the ropes and looked like a knock-out would be imminent. I’ll admit it, when it comes to boxing; it’s never fair to allow things to go to a decision. Why? Well things can go in either direction. I think both Mayweather and Pacquiao delivered to the point, where there was no clear victor: it should have been a draw. Unfortunately, America would not have been happy with that outcome, and the judges ruled in Mayweather’s favor. The boxer now holds a 48-0 record.

He announced he has one more battle in September and then he’s planning on retirement. Hold on Floyd, not so quick, I think all of America and Pacquiao himself would like to see a rematch before you choose to disappear from the boxing arena. It’s only fair, the fight was great, but I think a rematch between these two titans could really set the stage for that epic boxing battle that didn’t really happen Saturday night in Vegas. If two greats are going to go toe-to-toe, the viewers deserve to see a toe-to-toe battle of epic lengths.

This was just the tip of the iceberg, because if a re-match does happen, not only will Pacquiao be fiercer than ever, Mayweather will be expected to deliver 10x the intensity than he did on Saturday. Good fight, nothing of epic proportions if you ask me.