HELLO AMERICA!—For all those thousands of fans of Sean Scruby, former basketball star of the Dominican University of California team, to be snagged as one of the co-stars in a mini-series based on book, “Hollywood Through the Back Door,” is no surprise. Watching Scruby plant the ball through the basket was like watching a superhuman in action performing the impossible. Not only was he blessed with good looks, extremely articulate but eked of class in every way. He was followed around the campus as if he descended from Mount Olympus.

Watching Scruby plant a ball in a basket, was like witnessing something out of the Olympics. He was smooth, cunning and excitingly dangerous. Everyone in the stands had their eyes locked on his every move. When he held the ball in his hands, suddenly whispered something no one else could hear, and then raised his long body a bit and plunged the ball in the basket, the fans went into outer space from excitement. He quickly let me know that those moments were very special to him.

“I knew what the fans were expecting me to do, then too, my mom and dad were there as well. I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

It was no surprise that every major basketball team had their eye on Scruby. However, even though he was aware of this reality, it never changed his normal, usual very unaffected attitude; even when he watched the girls, the usual fans going nuts in the bleachers; he would simply smile, wave and continue making the game something never to be forgotten. This was genuine humility! When he received an offer to play for the NICKS BASKETBALL TEAM, he was pleased, but never displayed any kind of expression that everything was in the bag or he deserved all the applause and support.

“My mom and dad always taught me that should good things happen, it was meant to be. Then too, it was a try-out for the team,” he said. “Nothing was on paper. I still had to prove myself to the powers-that-be.”

After a summer of working out with the NICKS, Scruby discovered that it wasn’t for him. “I don’t know,” he said, “but watching the other guys and team practice and play, it was like it was their last day on earth. They had this desperate quality about them fighting for that ball and making it fly into the basket. To them, it was like it was life or death. Well, I never had that kind of feeling, to them, it was as though the ball was like a gun, kill or be killed, the bottom line, the killer instinct. Playing the game in college was different. I gave my all but still it was on a different level. They expected much more on a team like the NICKS. When I faced that truth, I realized that even though I had a passion for the game, I still had an enormous love for building things.  Working with my dad on the ranch being responsible for so many basic things which make life sensible and lasting, gave me the feeling of choices. So, I did what I felt in my gut. And returned home to California and I’ve never regretted it.”

When offered a role in the miniseries, he just responded with his typical normal voice of, “Really?  Hey, it might be fun.” The casting guys immediately agreed this was the attitude the character should project. So, Sean Scruby, without a doubt, could easily win the hearts of millions of young people around the globe.  He is genuinely SPECIAL!!!