UNITED STATES—You get your paycheck on a Friday and, by Monday, it feels like you have nothing left. We’ve all been there. Regardless of how many hours you put in and how much money you’re making, it can be difficult to make your wages stretch as far as they need to. If you’re looking for fast ways to cut your monthly expenses so you can have more money in the bank for longer, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start with paying off debt.

Sort Out Personal Debt

Do you have outstanding balances on credit cards? It’s time to put a set amount away each month to cover those repayments. Do you have existing student loans that are digging a big hole in your pocket? It’s time to think about refinancing those loans with a private lender so you’re left with one monthly payment that’s affordable. You can use a student loan refinance calculator to see what amount you’ll have to pay. Are you paying off a large car loan or personal loan? If so, have you thought about selling the things in your home you no longer need and using that money to pay off the balances? These are all options to consider.

Stop Drinking Expensive Coffees

This may be something that you never even want to think about but have you thought about how much you spend on takeaway coffees each month? If you’re paying $5 per coffee and you get one 5 days per week, that’s a total of $100 per month and a whopping $1200 each year. To cut back, it’s a good idea to invest in a coffee machine and all the accessories for your home. Yes, it will be expensive initially but you’ll make considerable savings overtime. Don’t forget to buy a portable coffee mug so you don’t miss that on-the-go coffee vibe.

Shop Smarter

Groceries most likely make up a huge chunk of your monthly expenses so let’s talk about what you can do to make some savings when you go to the store. Firstly, it’s a good idea to make a list before leaving home and never shop when you’re feeling hungry. Secondly, make sure you only buy the items that you need and don’t give into any impulse buys that are trying to get your attention. Next, if some of the items you normally buy are on offer, it’s time to stock up. Items like canned food, shampoo and toilet paper rolls will last for a long time so stock up while prices are slashed.

Cut Back on Takeout

We all need a little break from the kitchen but takeout should not be eating into your bank balance to the point of leaving you tight on funds. Takeout is expensive and regular visits to your local café or pizza place should be limited as much as possible. Instead, why not try your hand at trying to replicate your favorite dishes at home? There are so many great recipes online and you can pick up the ingredients in your weekly shop. You may surprise yourself and cook something just as tasty as what you’d normally get delivered to your door. Your waistline and your bank balance will thank you for it.