MALIBU—The city of Malibu is offering free sunscreen to the public via kiosks. The announcement was made on Wednesday, July 25. The installation of sunscreen stands along Malibu and Santa Monica beaches is in collaboration with the non-profit, IMPACT Melanoma. The organization was created to spread knowledge about Melanoma, and the creation of a preventative plan to reduce the risk for skin cancer.

There will be 50 stands set up that will offer 30 SPF sunscreen, NBC Los Angeles reported. Each sunscreen kiosk will house four dispensers, as well as an umbrella overhead to shade yourself while applying the sunscreen.

According to the Melanoma Research Foundation’s website, “In 2018, over 178,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma.” They offered several precautionary measures that can be taken to reduce one’s risk for getting skin cancer including using sunscreen outside, wear protective clothing, stay in shade, as well as avoid tanning beds of any kind. The sunscreen stands are expected to stay open until October 31.

“Committed to skin cancer prevention and early detection, we provide a variety of award-winning programs which aim to raise awareness and educate the public about skin cancer, as well as support services for those struggling with the disease,” states the IMPACT Melanoma website.