HOLLYWOOD—It’s been 10 years since the passing of Amy Winehouse. She died on July 23, 2011 at the age of 27. In the interim, Amy’s parents say they have recordings of the singer going back to when she was eight years old. A handful of her unreleased songs have been uncovered for the posthumous albums Lioness and Amy.

According to the label boss David Joseph, most of the material she recorded is presumed to be missing, since he destroyed her demos to prevent them being exploited. While many critics applauded his decision to protect Amy’s legacy, her father has a different view. The family still owns some of her recording. The recordings include some of the star’s early, pre-fame compositions. Mitch, her father, said it would give fans a new insight into how she developed as songwriter. Janis Winehouse-Collins, Amy’s mother, added that, if the music were to be salvaged for release, it could be called “The Progression of Amy.”

The music is one of several projects Amy’s estate is working on, including a dramatized film of her life and a stage musical. At first, her parents admitted that, after Amy’s death had initially been difficult for them to hear her music or see videos of her performing. Her father said, the first five years he couldn’t watch a video or listen to her music. It’s only been relatively recently that he has been able to do that. The couple who split up when Amy was about 10 years old, were speaking in a rare joint interview ahead of her 10th anniversary of Amy’s death, according to published reports.

They have also worked on a new documentary, narrated by Janis, that aims to rehabilitate the singer’s image. In the past, the well-worn tales of drug abuse, addiction and destructive behavior, paints a new picture of the funny and generous they knew. They wanted people to get a different view of her, she was a loving, kind and generous person. The couple added that Amy’s family and friends would mark her passing by visiting her grave in Edgware. The first 10 minutes we’ll be sobbing and after that we’ll be in fits of laughter with a new Amy anecdote, said her father in an interview.

Mark Ronson will take center stage in “Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson,” premiering July 30 on Apple TV Plus. In the six-part series, the Oscar-winning multi-hyphenate sits down with creators and musicians to look at innovations in the realm of sound, from synths to distortion to auto-tune and beyond. T-Pain, Charli XCX, Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney are just a few of the names who appear on this musical exploration.

Now, in episode 3, titled “Reverb,” looks at Ronson’s collaboration with the late Amy Winehouse. In an interview with Variety, Ronson shares memories of Winehouse and expounds on the inspiration for “Watch the Sound.” His memory of Amy was short since he only worked together with her six or seven days. He remembers walking around Soho, in New York and she would tell him about her family, trying to send her to rehab. He truly misses her voice and her speaking voice, Ronson said in an interview.

So many  singers were inspired by Amy, one of them being Lola Lennox. She claims that she was inspired by Amy Winehouse’s pitta bread lyrics as she paid tribute to the star on the tenth anniversary of her death. The “La La Love Me” and “Back at Wrong” singer talks about how Amy inspired her during her teenage years. Amy is gone, but not forgotten.

Rose’s Scoop: Guns N Roses kick off their tour on July 31 at Hershey Park, in Hershey Pennsylvania. Beta Lebeis, Axl’s Rose’s personal manager, who is like family is already packed and ready to go. I counted nine pieces of luggage from what I saw on the pic she posted on social media. Meegan Hodges, Slash’s love, is packing light as of press time. She only packed one bag , however, might pack another one from what she wrote. Slash, celebrated his birthday on July 23.