HOLLYWOOD─When I first heard that CBS soaps “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” would be airing classic episodes of each iconic soap, I was hoping for a villains/rivalries week, and we have finally gotten it. “The Bold and the Beautiful” delivered some classic episodes this week, and it all kicked off with perhaps two of the biggest divas when it comes to icons on “B&B,” in Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) and Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley).

Yes, the women of the two biggest fashion houses in Los Angeles have been foes for years and we got treated to the iconic episode between the two divas, and I must say this soap greatly is missing such iconic characters like Stephanie and Sally; forces of nature who refuse to apologize for their actions.

The week continued to progress showing the greatness of actress Susan Flannery in her long rival with nemesis Brooke Logan. Oh, these two women if not frenemies have created some of the greatest lines in soap history, like “The slut from the Valley.” Not to mention iconic slaps and moments that left your jaws dropped. On top of that, we saw Brooke in another rivalry this time Taylor, Ridge’s ex-wife. Yes, Ridge and Brooke have always been destined to be together in my eyes, but Taylor once had his heart and he had two children with her.

I will admit the cake fight between Brooke and Taylor was not the greatest episode to share if we’re talking about iconic moments. I mean these ladies have been at each other’s throats for years, I think a cat fight would have reminded audiences how much these ladies truly despise one another. It felt like the soap was focused on giving viewers a look at more recent content than older episodes. The week concluded with the Thomas and Liam rivalry which one would argue didn’t really build up until the last year, but it might be some of the best work for “The Bold and the Beautiful” in the past year.

The truth about Beth being Hope and Liam’s daughter finally came to light, Flo got her short-lived comeuppance, and Thomas’ true colors shined greatly as Liam rescued his love from a potentially terrible end. Fun episode and just a reminder to audiences that you don’t always have to drag a storyline longer than a few months before giving the audience the reveal they want.

So now that rivalries are over, could we potentially see a greatest slaps episode or better yet, the one that I have been craving for: iconic villains! We all know Sheila Carter is a great one for “B&B,” but there are so many more that can be showcased as well people, Quinn Fuller, I’m looking at you!