WEST HOLLYWOOD—After 95 years of business Greenblatt’s Deli in West Hollywood permanently closed its doors. The restaurant’s final day of business was on Wednesday, August 11.

Greenblatt’s Deli was first established by Herman Greenblatt in 1926. Sunset Boulevard was a dirt road at the time. In the 1940s, the deli was purchased by the Kavin Family.

“Since the beginning, Greenblatt’s has catered to the entertainment industry. Almost everybody who has been anybody in Hollywood since has shopped at Greenblatt’s,” the restaurant’s website states. “Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, Groucho Marx, Errol Flynn, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Bing Crosby, Peter Lawford, Boris Karloff, Bobby Darin, Rita Hayworth, Kirk Douglas, Bella Lugosi, Marlon Brando, Peter Lorre, Lenny Bruce, Orson Welles, Robert Mitchum, John Belushi, Danny Kaye & Billie Holiday were a few of the many regulars.”

“My favorite deli. Greeenblatt’s is more than a deli: it’s a place that houses the finest wine in the city,” Halle Berry stated in an interview with Esquire Magazine.

According to San Francisco Weekly, their sandwich was “The best sandwich on earth.”

Eater LA reported that the closure was due to the difficulty of finding staff and operating during the pandemic.