HOLLYWOOD—I was very close to just saying you know what, I’d rather wait another week before talking about “The Young and the Restless.” Here is the issue, the takedown of Tara Locke and Sally Spectra courtesy of Phyllis Summers and Kyle Abbott, just wasn’t that interesting. The writing was on the wall and we all knew that it was coming; it just seemed to happen a lot faster than expected.

That’s probably because the audience is well aware that Summer and Kyle’s portrayers Hunter King and Michael Mealor are leaving the show. So some sort of happy ending needed to be delivered to the audience.  Tara got exposed for her role in threatening Summer to leave town, just as Sally learned that the walls were closing in on her. Both vixens were exposed, Sally lost her job at JVC, Jack Abbott for good and so much more. As for Tara she was carted off to jail for fraud and Summer and Kyle reunites.

So all ends well? I guess, but it leaves the audience wondering what the hell will Phyllis, Jack, Lauren, Nick all do now? They don’t have a storyline now people. Phyllis is with Nick and Jack is solo yet again, so could we see a spark between Phyllis and Jack again? I sure hope so, it would be way more fun than the boredom ‘Red’ has with Nick. The writers have to kick things in gear because the boredom for these characters is just digging them in such a hole I don’t even think the viewers care about any of these characters anymore.

Phyllis gloated, but Sally issued a threat, and we all know when Sally is pushed into a corner she strikes and in a way never expected. Phyllis might have made an enemy least expected and to be honest I would love to see her take a tumble. It feels like a Jack and Phyllis tryst is in the works, Nick will be heartbroken and Sally might be the shoulder he cries on. I could almost see a murder mystery on the cusp of unfolding America, with Sally being the victim, I’m hoping not, but it would be fun to witness.

Amanda and Imani are still working in overdrive in their attempt to bring down Sutton even though Naya is still for reasons the audience still cannot understand is trying to protect her father. Either he has some major secret on his daughter or she is afraid that Sutton might harm Amanda and Imani. Anyway, I am bored already with the narrative that I thought might be fun.

Some other chaos in the mix is the relationship between Ashland Locke and Victoria Newman. I’m an absolute fan of these two characters pairing up. It is fun and super exciting, but for them to get engaged to get married, wow, I never expected this to transpire, so I have a feeling a major twist is headed in the audience’s direction. Victoria and Ashland have merged their companies much to Adam and Victor’s disappointment people. There is definitely a secret that Ashland is keeping and I feel this marriage will result in the big bomb coming out.

Not to mention, we are witnessing fractures in Victor and Adam’s relationship. Victor does not trust Chloe, while Adam is being a bit lenient and that has raised Victor’s eyebrows and we know when ‘The Moustache’ has a hunch that is never a good thing people. Let it be known this Chloe and Sally pairing for the launch of a new fashion house looks like the other red head in GC might get an opportunity to redeem herself America!